2021/12/02 16:56:58
Hi everyone,
Our software team would like to receive feedback from users about OSD, such as issues, games that aren't working, and other problems that are being encountered.  Please first download a new beta version of Precision X1 first.  I've posted it elsewhere, but we want to keep this thread focused on OSD issues.  This version has some improvement on Direct3D12 games, but future versions will add additional support for others.
Download Precision X1 v1.2.9.3
Please let us know how it works, but please keep general issues relating to a PX1 version in a different thread (for example):
2021/12/02 17:52:11
Finally! This is exciting!

Precision needs to be at least on par with what you can do with the following:
-Download HWinfo.
-Download MSIAfterburner(sorry)
-Install RTSS
-Look at what Afterburner can do combined with HWinfo. What I can do with the OSD is far superior to what Precision offers. Literally make what Afterburner can already do your minimum standard.

It's most certainly much easier said than done.
But if you guys can get Precision to all what RTSS + Afterburner + HWInfo can do with Precision + HWInfo then Precision can finally truly compete with Afterburner.
2021/12/03 11:06:58
The former stickied thread about games not working with OSD contains a lot of info, FYI. :)
I'll give the beta a try too.
2021/12/11 07:42:26
Does the PX1 OSD interact with RTSS at all?

2021/12/15 17:02:50
I'm Looking for info on Px1 on my new 3090 FTW3 ULTRA HYBRID GAMING. what is the correct Vbios and firmware for this card ? Also was looking for info on the fans it shows 2 fans but there's 3 2 on the rad and 1 on the shroud?   
Thank you for reading 
2021/12/16 13:21:06
So far this one is the only one were the OSD for games works on everything.
2021/12/20 16:30:45
Not working on Far Cry 6.
Win11 build 22000.376/3070Ti FTW3
2021/12/26 15:10:44
I can't get the OSD to display reliably in any games in any version of PX1 I have tried since getting my EVGA 3080Ti FW3 Ultra a few months back.  I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling different versions,   setting up profiles etc etc. etc but the only application where the OSD will appear is GPU-Z  PCI-Express Render Test.  I used to be able to use Precision OSD in the past with few issues but now I have switched to MSI Afterburner and it works easily and flawlessly every time in all games I have tried so far. (Red Dead Redemption 2, AC Odyssey and Origins, Borderlands 3).  Every so often the PX1 OSD will pop up after a brand new install, but if I reboot my computer it disappears for good. I noticed the statistical monitor doesn't appear in the system tray most of the time so that might be part of the issue as well.   I like the interface of PX1 compared to Afterburner and would love to be able to use it again.  
2022/01/06 06:34:13
There are issues with OSD working when Discord is open, even when Discord's OSD option is disabled. Also, the OSD seems to work off and on in Halo Infinite.
2022/01/06 23:49:11
got a new 3080ti, for some weird reason the third fan usage is 100% with 3200 rpm, I haven't played any games yet. I have done some research about disabling CSM and updating new vbios, I did all that, but the fan is very loud, the third fan usage is still maximum.

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