2021/07/21 07:28:04
For once my slow internet might have saved me, I probably would have played New World yesterday if would have been done downloading. 
2021/07/21 07:30:40
Glad I thumbs down'd this game in the first open beta.  Patiently waiting for AoC.  
2021/07/21 07:30:50
Already had my first 3090 die out of no where.  I will say their support is top notch but I honestly do not see myself staying with EVGA after this..
2021/07/21 07:40:18
But...but...but its the power supply not a hardware design flaw!

Good to see this getting some news traction after LoL and Halo MCC killing cards was largely ignores except on forums.

Too bad everyone is blaming Amazon instead of EVGA. Not this **** again.
2021/07/21 07:50:48
Do this have anything to do with red light of death? Are the 3080 cards in the same boat?
2021/07/21 07:54:15
The fans revving black screen was the bane of us during the first series of launched cards received between September and November. Had my own RMAd for this same reason and the costs for shipping were a nightmare. 3090s seemed to have a lot of this problem as well and then around February-March it seemed to have been resolved with multiple RMAs and we didn't hear much complain. Now we see that a game "blows up" cards. The RMA though is good its an expensive process. The GPUs should NOT behave like that. Regardless of the responsiveness to replace a faulty card paying 200 EUR to send bricks around the planet is noone's cup of tea im sure. Neither is having to undergo so many procedures (stay with old drivers, never touch PX1, undervolt with MSI Afterburner, sometimes repaste the card etc). Whatever happened to plug and (at long last) PLAY? Because its hugely dissappointing to go through so much crap to just play a couple of hours.
That goes for NVIDIA too to a certain extent I mean most of their drivers are trash. I won't even go into PX1 I am pretty sure it was the main culprit for all the problems of my first card. We really need to see this fixed and/or extra warranty granted to all or something.
2021/07/21 07:55:32
How are the temps when these cards are bricking?
Is this happening on air-cooled cards only or also on hybrids and waterblocks?
2021/07/21 07:56:48
Very interested to know what's causing this issue.
I played for about 5-6 hours last night on my EVGA 3090 FTW3 HC (Was in the queue twice. Mistakenly joined the wrong server and had to requeue. No crashes.) and didn't have any issues. Didn't think to look at temps so not sure what they were at.
2021/07/21 08:08:03
I'm rather curious as to how a game is killing cards.
2021/07/21 08:13:46
Also got an EVGA 3090 FTW3 UG @stock and played for 2 hours to New World yesterday evening. Haven't checked the GPU temperature but my girlfriend told me the room was pretty hot. No particular issue except some rare fps drops but now I'm quite reluctant to re-launch the game ... 
My config if it may help : Asus Crosshair VIII Dark Hero, Ryzen R9 5950x@stock, 64 Go Gskill TridentZ 3200/C14, 2 x 1To - Samsung 980 Pro, 2 x 2To - Crucial MX500, PSU: EVGA SuperNova 1200 P2. I haven't updated the lastest Nvidia drivers yet (it may be important). 
EDIT : I also waited for 1 hour on the queue screen ! 

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