2021/07/21 03:28:06
Tbh, it sounds like just an hardware issue that was exposed by the card running uncapped.
2021/07/21 03:32:14
Yes, there are a few reddit threads about it as well (with alarming quantity of evga 3090 owners who have a dead card).
2021/07/21 03:57:28
Unfortunately, EVGA switched to cheap components after great 1080 series. No surprise they explode under heavy load.
2021/07/21 03:57:49
Very easy fix, you can set frame rate cap in Nvidia drivers. I noticed that some games do not have limits in menus and during brief periods frame rate can be thousands of fps (usually during entering and leaving menu) and this is also reason some cards crash at that point (which itself is sign that card is defective).
2021/07/21 04:05:49
I think I'll try it...and I bet I'll be fine.
"Halo kills 3090 cards!" - Nope.
This one? A big nope as well, I'm sure.
2021/07/21 04:16:38
Yeah I don't play this game, but after seeing this. I'm not shocked honestly. I've been using EVGA cards exclusively since my 6800 and SLI 8800s back in the day. After this generation, I don't see myself buying another EVGA card in the future.
2021/07/21 04:22:15
Supposedly the game is bricking 3090 cards

its only killing the last few defective FTW3's that weren't already replaced for failing.
2021/07/21 05:13:39
On a more serious note, not gonna risk killing my 3090
2021/07/21 06:06:41

On a more serious note, not gonna risk killing my 3090

There is a logic to let it die while it's still under warranty.

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