This Week in Gaming (Week 22)

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2024/05/26 09:02:41 (permalink)
In case you missed it, we're about to enter the last week of May and soon summer is here. It's a pretty busy release for new games, even though there are no AAA releases, there are still plenty of interesting new games being released. This week's major release involves not getting sacrificed to the gods. The rest of this weeks' releases range from being the saviour of Persia to being in charge of Titans and that's just the first two releases. This is followed by taking the reins of a martial arts cat, exploring the black priory and racing F1 cars. Hopefully we've managed to cover most bases this week, but there's always next week for those of you that didn't see anything that tickled your fancy.

Soulmask / This week's major release / Friday 31 May
Soulmask is a sandbox game that prioritizes an authentic survival experience. As the "last one" blessed with the mysterious mask, players will grapple for survival in a primitive land steeped in mysterious faiths, carving out a path to ascendance. Start from nothing, explore, build, recruit tribesmen to fortify your clan, and ultimately unravel the mysterious truths hidden behind the civilizations of this world.Steam Link
The Rogue Prince of Persia / Monday 27 May
Jump into this action roguelite installment in the Prince of Persia series as you flow between death-defying platforming and acrobatic combat as the Prince himself. Battle through the capital city again and again with one goal - find a way to save Persia from a Hun invasion wielding dark magic. Steam Link
Reus 2 / Tuesday 28 May
Become a God once again in Reus 2 by taking control of mighty giants whose command over their elements allows you to shape worlds, create an ecosystem of resources and enable human civilizations to thrive. Your choices will determine the fates of these fragile human beings, whose autonomy may lead them to great heights. Steam Link
Nine Sols / Wednesday 29 May
Nine Sols is a lore rich, hand-drawn 2D action-platformer featuring Sekiro-inspired deflection focused combat. Embark on a journey of eastern fantasy, explore the land once home to an ancient alien race, and follow a vengeful hero's quest to slay the 9 Sols, formidable rulers of this forsaken realm. Steam Link
Skald: Against the Black Priory / Thursday 30 May
Skald:Against the Black Priory is a retro-style party-based RPG set in a grim-dark fantasy world of tragic heroes, violent deaths and Lovecraftian horror. Take a chance and roll the dice as you embark on a compelling story filled with deadly creatures, branching story and tactical, turn-based combat. Steam Link
F1 24 / Friday 31 May
Be one of the 20 with EA SPORTS F1 24, the official video game of the 2024 FIA Formula One World Championship. Unleash your champion in pursuit of a legacy-defining F1 Career, the mode's first major update since 2016. Drive like the greatest and feel at one with the car through the all-new EA SPORTS Dynamic Handling System. Steam Link
If you like virtual game racing then the F1 24 should be great. 

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