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2019/02/22 06:35:33 (permalink)
Ok I have tried the latest (beta) driver (available now) and I can say – I don’t know why or how – but listening to “The Wichter”’s FLAC’s via Groovy blew me away!
I actually was just sitting there and forgetting everything for a couple of minutes - @ 32Bit and 384000khz I was touched by the music (also @ 192000) – damn it just went through to the bone and heart. In the songs provided there are some really interesting compositions and details – I heard stuff I did not notice before – like a very slight clicking of the sticks (drum I guess on the rim in the background ) I have not heard before, so much detail, damn its just something you have to listen to!

I am using the Sennheiser GSP 600 and the Nu Audio and this experience is what I got that hardware for – extremely detailed, clear and powerful music and sound – tell me what you want if you don’t hear the difference– sorry you are either not into music or might need to check with your doctor.
It’s kind of like folk’s used to tell us that 24 FPS is enough for the eye to see a moving picture… well look at the Hz Rates these days – 30hz is not much mentionable anymore.
Audio is such a crucial element in the human perception we should not underestimated its importance – not matter if its music or gaming audio in 3D environments – now it’s getting lifelike fidelity! If you are still using onboard sound, damn you don’t even know what you are missing!
So, in detail to the drives, I did still have slight klicks in the audio here and there, but much, very much reduced. If I try to produce them, like move the mouse a lot and cause visual reactions in software and what had caused it before, I would get a “klick” once in a while and twice at the start of a song like after 30 or so seconds a short stutter/pause was hearable - I saw the virus scanner starting its stuff at that time, might be causing side issues when performance suddenly is drawn.  But doing my work, like typing in word, outlook or using the desktop typical software in general seem to have lost its impact almost entirely and the pause did not occur after the first 3 songs I heard, so like the next 10 where perfect.

I also gave Metro a try, the intro/startup being stutter (game wise) I did have 3 stutters – but a lot impact on the audio then before and none when the actual intro started, I guess this is more more game related, but even here it seems that the new driver is much better.
So, thanks to the EVGA Team doing great work and being really helpful, informative and friendly on the forum – this is the way it should be in hardware and customer relations!
Kind regards,


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