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2019/03/12 05:48:28 (permalink)
I have been on a quest of late to find the best sound I can for gaming. It started with PUBG in late 2017, where I was certain I couldn't hear everything others were hearing. I was using the built in sound on a higher end ASUS motherboard with cheaper headphones. I progressed to a pair of Arctis 7 headphones which were definitely a step up in sound quality but I wasn't satisfied. Pair of Audio Technica ATH-AD700X later and then an investment in an external DAC, the Schiit Modi/Magni ($200 value). Things were sounding better. Pair of Beyerdynamic 990 PRO 250 ohm headphones later and I'm happy I have good sound. 
Cut forward to 2019. I decide to take one more step on my quest for the best audio I can achieve. I decide to purchase the EVGA Nu Audio card to compare against the external sound combo of the Schiit Modi and Magni. The Schiit audio equipment is not to be sniffed at, it's significantly better in my opinion than anything I had tried up to this point. 
I was an early adopter of the Nu, so things weren't perfectly smooth out of the box. I had to make sure things were uninstalled properly, and there was some reboots required. But, when Windows started up the final time, I almost threw my computer across the room. The volume at 100% in Windows scared the absolute.. well.. yes. I immediately had the volume down to 65% and things were definitely more comfortable. You see, the Beyerdynamic 990s require driving a lot more than your standard cheap headphones, more than the AT 700s. The Schiit stack was doing that, just it was a little limited. The Nu has no issues!
I may not be an audiophile, but I've spent enough time and money over the past 14 months to get a good feel for the difference each of the elements make. I can say with certainty that the Nu Audio is a step above everything else I have had up until this point. Crystal clear sound, great balance, games feel better than ever. Considering my original reason for getting involved with better audio, it's amusing that I stopped playing the game just before I received this card because sound was broken in the game! But, other games are definitely better because of this card. Improvements I would like to see, maybe the header moved to the rear of the card instead of the side. I understand the front panel connector is on the bottom left of the motherboard normally but my cable now obscures my nice LED a little. Yes, that's right, the only nitpick I have over the card is the LED on the side being obscured. Some people complain about the lack of 5.1, but honestly I'll take crystal clear, high quality stereo any day. Pair this card with a great sound output and you've got a winner for gaming and movies. 

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    Re: Nu sound 2019/03/18 08:58:55 (permalink)
    We're happy you are satisfied overall with our audio card and certainly welcome all feedback to help us continue refining and improving product quality; the best you can expect from EVGA. 
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