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2019/10/19 18:41:41 (permalink)

Upgraded from a Asus Xonar Phoebus I had been using since 2012, and unfortunately the drivers were no longer being updated for Windows 10 so I decided to look at new options. I chose the EVGA Nu Audio because of the EVGA GPU that I also have, and loyalty to EVGA products (Corsair for cooling, and Samsung for SSDs)..

The Nu Audio is a good card, particularly for the now lowered price of $150. I plan on getting some good headphones to fully push the amp in the card. Compared to the Xonar Phoebus, it's noticeably better, and the isolation is much better for it being an internal card. (A lot of people would argue to get an external DAC, but I'd rather have something on the PCI bus)

The only difficulty I had installing this was having to use a dedicated SATA power line to just the card, as having another anything was making the card not recognize in device manager. Overall, it was worth the upgrade.

Pros -
The design simplicity and overall quick setup, not to mention the fact it's not external.
The isolation from noise is a lot better than expected, not noticeable as it was on my older sound card.
Noticeably better audio, looking forward to getting better headphones to fully scope this out rather than the Steelseries I have now.
Cons -
Thought I had a dud card until I found it only worked when given a dedicated SATA line from my PSU. If you've got this issue (which it seems a number of people had the device malfunction / USB error in Device Manager) you should try giving it a dedicated cable from your PSU and see if that works.
The urge to spend money on some good headphones to get the full benefits from this (of course this isn't an actual con, but it definitely is now on my list!)
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