New innovated cooling makes progress.

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2023/05/30 11:58:28 (permalink)
Last I saw anything on this was like 2-4 years ago. Nice to see it to the point its about to be sold and is now in use. Once the bigger versions come out for desktop sized components it should make things interesting.


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    Re: New innovated cooling makes progress. 2023/05/30 12:09:09 (permalink)
    I'm picturing it being a MEMS fan, but I'm not going to give that media outlet my clicks to find out.

    LTT: a track record of repeating manufacturer's claims as if they are their own, without testing or verification, without informing the viewer of their lack of verification or source of claims, and failure to disclose financial incentives. Since they chose to forgo integrity, I treat all their content as clickbait and unreliable data.

    Viewer be ware.
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