Nanoleaf Announces Lines Modular RGB Lighting Product

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2021/10/18 01:50:28 (permalink)
Fancy some extra RGB lighting to make your home pop just a little bit more than your PC can provide? Then the Nanoleaf Lines might be what you've been waiting for, as these modular RGB LED strips are wall mountable and customisable to your liking.

They serve as much purpose as RGB lights in your PC, although they could obviously be used for mood lighting, albeit a very expensive set of mood lighting. The Lines feature a built-in controller, but can also be controlled by an app, or via most of the popular home assistants through voice. It's also possible to sync the lighting effects with both music and what's being displayed on your screen. Finally there's Razer Chroma Connect integration.

Each Line has two LED zones that can display individual colours and the starter kit comes with a total of nine Lines, which will set you back US$199.99, with a set of three extra Lines going for US$69.99.
Looks interesting. I think the starter kit price is a bit high. 

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    Re: Nanoleaf Announces Lines Modular RGB Lighting Product 2021/10/18 04:04:16 (permalink)
    That is expensive, but it interfaces with a lot of devices.  However, I would never have it my home just not something I would want. 
    If I tried to put these lights up, the lights and I would be in the trash can.

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    Re: Nanoleaf Announces Lines Modular RGB Lighting Product 2021/10/21 20:51:51 (permalink)
    Oh wow, each line is 70 bucks. Quite a bit more expensive than I thought. Looks cool though 
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