NU Audio review

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2019/02/07 23:05:08 (permalink)
I personally bought the card with an elite discount, so that was nice start. I bought it the day it dropped, I was extremely anxious for a new sound card and read up about your new card in early January and was extremely excited about. I currently rocking a I9 9900k, EVGA Z390 FTW, EVGA GTX 1060(w/powerlink), EVGA 850 G+, EVGA CLC 280, on a DG-77. So my build is pretty bias anyways I'm rocking a USB Studio yeti so I didn't test out the microphone capabilities, I tried three different headphones. I used Razer tiamat 2.2v for 7.1 surround sound w/razer surround and it works absolutely phenomenal, then i tried out my Bose QC 35's and they're set around 300 ohm if I'm not mistaken and they sounded absolutely outstanding, and finally I tried out my DT 990's out for maximum use and it was stunning I was blown away; just perfect audio. I tested out the 2.2v for mic and it was moderate, particularity lacking in the headset not the card. I use the 6.5mm to 3.5mm jack for audio only now and it's still amazing. I liked the interface for the program for the sound card, easy to use and maximum control for audio; ranging between sound settings and volume control. My improvements would be to fix how it sets in your PC, yeah the card is light and solid but it feels way too loose in the pci-e slot; i feel as if I'm going to literally break the card. More improvements i think should be towards the Line out port or i guess all of them, they feels too unset from the card itself i feel as if I'm going to break it plugging anything in. Another improvement is the card is a little hard to get in and out of tight cases because of the line out port makes it difficult, I had to shake and be really careful getting it out. Overall improvements just fix how flimsy it is in the board and how much it moves around whenever you plug it in. almost forgot, no one uses the front panel header but it's a nice touch for those who do lol. My impression is pretty positive, great performance but just needs improvement on the little things. 

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    Re: NU Audio review 2019/02/07 23:43:20 (permalink)
    Good feedback and glad that your happy with the sound quality.

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