My Somewhat Unbelievable EVGA Experience

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2022/12/10 20:09:53 (permalink)
I am considering the early retirement of my desktop's motherboard.  It's been a great board along the way, an EVGA 122-CK-NF68-A1 LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard, and even though it's only 15 years old I think that it might be time to let it put up it's feet and relax. Fifteen faithful years and it's been through 3 video cards, 1 CPU upgrade, a RAM upgrade all the way to the 8gb max, even has an SSD that won't run full speed because of the old board architecture.  I was recently given a hand me down a six year old Gigabyte MB with a Ryzen CPU and 16gb's of RAM (double my current setup), and I could really use the later architecture for the SSD's, USB 3, etc.  Although I would like to have a new EVGA MB, and have more time for the computer since I retired, ironically it's not in the budget.  But I can't move on without acknowledging some great hardware. I just wanted to thank EVGA, this is quite a legacy.

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    Re: My Somewhat Unbelievable EVGA Experience 2022/12/10 20:30:45 (permalink)
    Coming from a 680i. Miracles will happen.  Save your bones up

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    Re: My Somewhat Unbelievable EVGA Experience 2022/12/11 00:48:38 (permalink)
    15 years is pretty amazing. Now I am pretty amazed with how some older CPU’s are holding up because of Intel keeping at 4 cores for so long. My parents have had the same Motherboard and CPU for about a decade now with just an upgrade to an SSD and a newer GPU. They don’t game so it has lasted pretty well.

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    Re: My Somewhat Unbelievable EVGA Experience 2022/12/11 02:20:13 (permalink)
    I had that motherboard years ago. Glad you had so many years of use from it. 

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    Re: My Somewhat Unbelievable EVGA Experience 2023/01/09 22:51:38 (permalink)
    I had that motherboard years ago. Glad you had so many years of use from it. 

    Same here. I upgraded it to the 780i. I still remember that. LOL!

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    Re: My Somewhat Unbelievable EVGA Experience 2023/01/10 15:39:26 (permalink)
    A CPU upgrade, RAM swap and 3 video cards over 15 years?……….that happens in the first 15 weeks with my motherboards 
    Nice long legacy with that board though I dunno how you did it. The Ryzen platform you were given even though it’s 6 years old is gonna feel like going from a beat up old Ford Pinto to a Ferrari. 

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    Re: My Somewhat Unbelievable EVGA Experience 2023/01/23 03:52:31 (permalink)
    Amazed it went on that long.  I'm gonna presume your temps and dust were in order.  Well done!

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    Re: My Somewhat Unbelievable EVGA Experience 2023/01/26 21:46:10 (permalink)
    Problem with these otherwise solid older builds is that Windows 10 support will end in October 2025, and I believe anything up to 7th Gen Intel (I think ~i7-7700K and prior) is not able to run Windows 11, so people will be forced to upgrade or risk a lot of security holes.


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    Re: My Somewhat Unbelievable EVGA Experience 2023/01/31 07:37:58 (permalink)
    I ebayed my old 680i a while back and the dude that bought it sent me pictures of it running SLI 8800s.  it was glorious.  
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    Re: My Somewhat Unbelievable EVGA Experience 2023/01/31 07:46:03 (permalink)
    Post a picture
    That was a Good run for your rig.  Now you have something newer & can retire the old PC
    I still have a functional EVGA GTX 470

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