It has Tempered Glass: It has RGB - Cooler Master has the GPU Support that you Need

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2021/01/26 02:32:33 (permalink)
It has Tempered Glass: It has RGB - Cooler Master has the GPU Support that you Need | OC3D News (overclock3d.net)
Cooler Master has officially revealed the most "Gamer" product. Does anything else even compare to this artwork of tempered glass and RGB that is the MasterAccessory ARGB GPU Bracket? Yes, that is Cooler Master's official name for their new RGB illuminated GPU support.   

With graphics cards becoming larger and heavier, GPU sag is now a bigger issue than ever before. Hardware enthusiasts need something to keep their graphics cards steady and to keep their system looking good in the process. To achieve this goal, Cooler Master has created a GPU support that's suitable for both RGB enthusiasts and minimalists alike, creating a product that can dazzle users with RGB lighting or offer a "near-invisible aesthetic" when its lighting is disabled. 

This quarter, Cooler Master will be launching their Tempered Glass ARGB support bracket, which ships with two graphics card support, allowing users to place the unit at the end or side of their graphics card. The unit's tool-free design should make installation a simple process, coming with a "solid base" with a "strong magnet" that secures the support bracket within steel enclosures.  

With the MasterAccessory ARGB GPU Support Bracket, Cooler Master plans to support your graphics card in style, keeping strain off your PCIe slots to ensure that your graphics card remains steady. Cooler Master has designed this product with a sliding/locking mechanism which allows the support bracket to be placed under any graphics card, regardless of your graphics card or PC case (within reason).

Cooler Master plans to ship their MasterAccessory ARGB GPU Support Bracket this quarter with an estimated MSRP of $24.99 and a two-year warranty.   
The price and the warranty are very good in my opinion.


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    Re: It has Tempered Glass: It has RGB - Cooler Master has the GPU Support that you Need 2021/01/26 02:35:17 (permalink)
    Price isn't that bad and it's not horrible looking.

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    Re: It has Tempered Glass: It has RGB - Cooler Master has the GPU Support that you Need 2021/01/26 05:30:22 (permalink)
    not bad i like this one have one for my 3080 works well and dont even know its there  
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