HYTE Launches the Next Generation of Y70 Touch Case - Y70 Touch Infinite

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2024/05/29 23:40:49 (permalink)
HYTE, a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge PC components and peripherals, today announced the next generation of its viral Y70 Touch case, Y70 Touch Infinite, alongside the Y70 Touch Infinite Display Upgrade, as promised to its users. After the unfortunate discontinuation of Y70 Touch in February 2024, HYTE was diligent in its development and pursuit of an infinite touchscreen solution for one of its leading cases.

Y70 Touch Infinite
Introducing Y70 Touch Infinite with a larger 14.5" integrated touchscreen, 688 x 2560 resolution, and 183 PPI for improved compatibility and resource usage. Y70 Touch Infinite boasts a 33% closer dot pitch for a sharper-looking image alongside a 17% brighter LCD panel and a 25% higher contrast ratio. The 60Hz refresh rate with 50% faster pixel response time enables a smoother and more fluid visual experience than its predecessor.
Y70 Display Upgrade
Fulfilling HYTE's promise to its users is the HYTE Y70 Touch Infinite Display Upgrade that slots perfectly into the corner panel of the Y70 and transforms it into the Y70 Touch Infinite. Ready to slot in, out of the box, the display upgrade connects via USB 2.0 header, SATA Power and DisplayPort cables.

Milky Y70's
HYTE is also pleased to introduce its new Milky Y70's, featuring Taro Milk, Strawberry Milk, and Blueberry Milk flavors. Soft and creamy colors soak Y70 in a sweet and delicious new look, including Milky canopies for uninterrupted visual flow.

Pricing & Availability
  • Y70 Touch Infinite is currently available for preorder, globally, from HYTE.com for a starting MSRP of $379.99 USD / 429 Euro / 379 GBP.
  • Y70 Touch Infinite Display Upgrade is currently available for preorder, globally, from HYTE.com for a starting MSRP of $199.99 / 219 Euro / 199 GBP.
  • Milky Y70's are currently available for preorder in Strawberry Milk, Taro Milk, and Blueberry Milk, globally, from HYTE.com for a starting MSRP of $219.99 USD / 229 Euro / 219 GBP.
HYTE will have the Y70 Touch Infinite, Y70 Touch Infinite Display Upgrade, and Milky Y70's on display during Computex 2024.
The Milky Y70's are an interesting addition. 

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