EVGA Nu Audio review - 9k

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2019/03/18 07:18:06 (permalink)
  • Hello all - submitting a review on the EVGA Nu Audio card!
    What equipment did you use?
    -Using the audio card with a Sennheiser HD650
    - Asus Maximus VI Formula Mobo
    - Nvida Geforce GTX 1080 GPU
    -i7 4770k cpu
    - 16gig DDR3 memory (Corsair)

  • How you did you test the card?
    • Playing CSGO/Apex/and other games
    • Listen to a lot of music every day
  • What did you enjoy the most about the EVGA NU Audio Card?
    • I can really hear everything clearly, each sound is clear
    • very helpful for gaming as i can hear foot steps now even while a teammate is talking (i could not before)
    • I find myself being able to actually turn my headset down a lot more, i can still here the differences in the sounds without having to crank the sound way up (every time i shoot a gun i dont go deaf now)
  • What improvements would you like to see?
    • more options in the controls in app
  • What was your overall impression?
    • I really like this card. This is a major upgrade for my HD650s - this card can really drive a good set of headphones!
    • This new card Replaced: FiiO E10K USB DAC (now sitting on a shelf!)  

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