EVGA NUAudio Review

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2019/04/07 21:29:44 (permalink)
  • What equipment did you use?
    • I use an i7 8700k on an ASUS Maximus XI Hero Z390 board with my EVGA RTX 2080ti and obviously the EVGA NuAudio card. I paired the card up with my trusty Sennheiser HD700s and some Kanto YU2 Speakers.
  • How you did you test the card?
    • I tested the card using my favourite songs in their FLAC format in Foobar2k as well as some high quality AAC Online radios. I was directly comparing it to my ASUS Xonar STX which I had been looking to replace for months. I had both of them connected and I would frequently switch between the two to get a feel for which I preferred.
  • What did you enjoy the most about the EVGA NU Audio Card?
    • I very much enjoyed the fact that it was a cleaned looking card physically, how easy the drivers are to use as well as that glorious RGB. The Sonic led is my favourite mode! I love how clean the sound is, after a bit of EQing for the HD 700, this thing sounds fantastic. Looking forward to possibly getting some new OP amps but I doubt I'll need em!
  • What improvements would you like to see?
    • The only improvement I would like to see would possibly be an inclusion of EAX mode for stereo headphones. I really like that feature from my old Xonar STX but would totally be okay without it. For the week or more I've been using this card, I have grown to like how it sounds naturally.
    • Thin black back plate
  • What was your overall impression?
    • I am extremely impressed with this sound card, especially considering it has finally dethroned my all time favourite audio solution, the Xonar STX. I can without a doubt say that this will be my audio solution for the long foreseeable future. I love that these can easily drive my HD700s without any issues. They also really shine on the Kanto YU2 speakers, I am missing a sub to pair up with them but even without a sub, they sounded glorious. I definitely would recommend this to anyone who had any doubts about it.

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