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2019/02/08 20:22:18 (permalink)
so here i go.i will make this short and clear. my name is jon i am audiophile. i like to listen to every kind of music. that  said, i always been 
interested in computers and sound cards too. from the early start of my life. i was born in '86. so have listened to quite some cards tru my life. that last soundcard i bouhgt in my life was back in 2002. it was a extarnal usb good sounding usb card. i was happy untill driver support stopped. and i been looking for a new card for quite some years. even tried the STX. but dint not like the sound off the analog stage. it was flat dead boring. and now we have 24bit192khz ,dsd and so and so it was time for me to buy a new one. so i was looking around for a new card when suddenly i found this one and it had rca outputs! i started to research a little bit about the card and the man behind Andrew Han.  he is a audiohile and like vintage gear like me, so i knew i couldt go wrong.then i also read about the help from audio note and circutry. it made me make up my mind.  i would say i dont regret. not a BIT. becouse the sound form the Analog stage from this is very good! 
my PC etup consistis of: asus sabertooh880fx motherboard,amd 8corecpu,seasonic prime titanum 850wpsu,ssd drives and watercooling in htpc case. not brand new. it have a cupple a years on it.
my STEREO setup consistis of : musical innovation mi11 preamplifer(high end norwegian stuff) Threshold 400A(american)  power amplifer vintage modfied and DIY 3way vifa(danish) speakers. nothing fancy but it sure plays well inn my ears. i have tested the card now for 7 days around the clock almost. and it is good. no listning fatique. its like my old philips cd player from '83 but white more of evrey thing. and much more presice. in timing and overall sonics.base, vocals are killer. i am very pleased, it fitted well in my setup soundwise. dsd sound awasome dead silent and clear. i dont have much dsd on my computer at this moment only some classical but i look forward too have more off it in the future.  24BIT48khz recording of Yello live from berlin sounded awsome. it realy made me smile.  i have tried every playback option exept MQA.  i dont have eny and i dont know if this card support it. the headphones output is good but i am not into headphones. only tested whit some bose qc25 not the most audiophile headphones. but it sure playd well and more then loud enugh for thoose. the software is simple and nice(love the colours). but i miss a EQ parameter here. not if i need one but its always nice to have a option. the next card sould have a LP stage on it.instead off head phones circutry that would be uber nice.(just my dream)  but overall i am very happy.  the sound that matters!.  I hope i will see some good software updates and support following up by EVGA. 
are u in to audiophile htpc or computer stereo?? i will recommend this! 
greetings from norway

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