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2024/04/14 07:34:23 (permalink)
Lamptron has been found to be illegally bundling third-party software with many of its recent products.

....Not that I ever thought I would buy something from Lamptron in the first place (the designs of the products they became known for seemed too power-hungry and brute-forced to me; inelegant solutions)...

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    Re: Don't buy Lamptron 2024/04/14 09:09:14 (permalink)
    Makes me wonder how they thought they could ever get a way with this. Especially over time. Someone was bound to figure this out.

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    Re: Don't buy Lamptron 2024/04/14 20:54:05 (permalink)
    Seems quite shady. Thanks for posting ty_ger07. 
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    Re: Don't buy Lamptron 2024/04/18 20:32:11 (permalink)
    Oh.. that's not good. I exchanged a number of emails with Li at Lamptron in China a few years back and they sent me a 10.1" panel with a really high 2560 x 1440 resolution to review (and keep!). Really really good panel for monitoring system specs. I originally posted on the forums back around 2019 about AIDA64 and then the 7" Lamptron I had at the time (link). Both the 7" and the 10" came with a link to download the AIDA64 trial version, and a number of sample templates, but I don't recall receiving a registration key with either panel. I already had the AIDA64 license (have had a license for over 15 years starting back when they were Everest) so I wouldn't have needed to use the Lamptron one anyway. Li seemed like a good person and I had no problems dealing with Lamptron.
    Wait.. I found another email from 2020 (see image below); AIDA64 and Lamptron had partnered, so I wonder what happened.. I notice on the DeBauer video the contact email for Lamptron was a 163.net address.. the emails I had were from the lamptron.com domain, so I'm wondering if someone has taken over Lamptron and are just abusing it. 
    I hope they get this sorted out, because those panels and AIDA64 go really well together.


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