AMD Zen 6 to Cram Up to 32 CPU Cores Per CCD

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2024/05/22 02:06:37 (permalink)
AMD's future "Zen 6" CPU microarchitecture is rumored to cram up to 32 cores per CCD (CPU complex die), or the common client/server chiplet with the CPU cores, according to Kepler_L2, a reliable source with hardware leaks. At this point it's not clear if they are referring to the regular "Zen 6" CPU core, or the physically compacted "Zen 6c" core meant for high core-count cloud server processors. The current pure "Zen 4c" CCD found in EPYC "Bergamo" processor packs 16 cores across two 8-core CCX (CPU core complexes) that share a 16 MB L3 cache among the 8 cores within the CCX. The upcoming "Zen 5c" CCD will pack 16 cores, but in a single 16-core CCX that shares 32 MB of L3 cache among the 16 cores for improved per-core cache access. "Zen 6" is expected to double this to 32 cores per CCD.

The 32-core CCD powered by "Zen 6" (likely Zen 6c), might take advantage of process improvements to double the core-count. At this point, it's not clear if this jumbo CCD features a single large CCX with all 32 cores sharing a large L3 cache; or if it's using two 16-core CCX that shares, say, 32 MB of L3 cache among the 16 cores. What's clear with this leak, though, is that AMD is looking to continue ramping up CPU core counts per socket. Data-centers and cloud customers seem to love this, and AMD is the only x86 processor maker in a serious competition with Arm-based server processor manufacturers such as Ampere, to increase significantly increase core counts per socket with each generation.
If this is true that is a major improvement in my personal opinion. 

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