Helpful Reply4 DVI Ports on a single card?

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2010/12/20 13:17:08 (permalink)
I have a machine with no on-board video running Windows7 with Aero enhancements..
PC doesn't 'game' but should have some 3d to support apps that use it. I think there's only one free PCI slot, and the current card is PCIexpress with 2 DVI ports. I'm worried adding a PCI card will cause 3d performance issues?
Currently I have two screens (Both DVI) and I have a 3rd LCD I want to add. It's VGA but I have a couple DVI-VGA adapters so 4 x DVI would work.. Heck 3 x DVI + HDMI/Display port would work.. 
I'd like to stay NVidia and EVGA, but I'm also trying to find a card/solution for less than $200US so I'd take other suggestions, even ATI/Matrox (last resort please).
Anyone know what to do? 
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Re:4 DVI Ports on a single card? 2010/12/20 14:15:28 (permalink) ☄ Helpful
Ah.... Hmm... Let me look through my options for you.
Most Nvidia cards only have 2x DVI with an HDMI sometimes. The rumored GTX 595 supposedly has 3x DVI but I'm not sure about HDMI/DP.
ATI on the other hand, you could get an 5870 Eyefinity Six edition card, and use DP adapters. Or, take a look at the new cards.
HD 5870 Eyefinity 6: DP, DP, DP, DP, DP, DP
$189 HD 6850: HDMI, DP, DVI, DVI
$239 HD 6870: HDMI, DP, DP, DVI, DVI
$299 HD 6950: HDMI, DP, DP, DVI, DVI
$379 HD 6970: HDMI, DP, DP, DVI, DVI
I would go for a 6870 though personally. Pretty powerful card that handles itself well even when gaming with 3 displays. Nice and quiet, cool. My pick of the cards listed close to the $200 mark, although the 6850 may be enough for your uses.
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