My Coolit ECO C80 ALC review

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2010/10/14 20:54:56 (permalink)
I just received my CoolIT Systems ECO "C80" (Smaller RAD and 80mm Fan) A.L.C. and have installed it on my system. I Am using their PRE-FILLED TIM at the moment (I am requesting IC Diamond Sample from Falcon, should be arriving early next week) and adding additional 80mm Fan for Push-Pull Configuration.

Here's My PC Specs:

Intel core i3 530 2.9Ghz
ASUS Maximus III GENE mATX P55 Motherboard
Corsair XMS3 DHX DDR3 1600Mhz 4GB
Hitachi 320GB (DATA)
EVGA GTX260 Core 216
Antec Trupower NEW 750W
Bgears Envi mATX Case

At achieving 4.0Ghz Stable, here's what i did at the BIOS:

Core Speed - 4012.9Mhz
Multiplier - 22
Bus Speed (Bclk) - 182
QPI - set to Auto
CPU Voltage - 1.3v
DRAM Voltage 1.65v
DRAM Freq - 1450Mhz (Set to XMP Profile)
Mem Ratio 4:16
LoadLine Calibration or Vdroop - set to Auto

- adjusted the Fan Profile set to : "Silent" (temps were shown on the pics below)
- if set to Normal and Turbo profiles the fans were Loud (the temps idle/load  on these profiles were 38C/60C)
- all the rest were set to "Auto"
- 182 Bclk was the highest i could get in a stable system
- 4s in 18 iterations in Super PI 1.5M
- Haven't run some stress test (e.g. Intel Burn Test / OCCT)
- the only stress test i did was running F@H app overnight GPU  +CPU SMP client.
here are some Pics for reference including temps:

my next target will be using Falcon's IC Diamond TIM and see the comparisons in Temps and hoping i will be able to run some stress test.
- the reason why i decide to purchase the 80mm rad and fan version as opposed to the regular ECO ALC is because of the space inside my case where the regular ECO ALC rad wouldn't fit.
- Installation was very easy.  this kit is designed to fit on smaller form cases so this will be ideal for HTPC or mATX gaming rigs.
any comments/suggestions/feedbacks will be appreciated
thanks for viewing.
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    Re:My Coolit ECO C80 ALC review 2010/10/19 21:58:07 (permalink)
    Very nicely done!!! Good job!!!!

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