Evga 680i Sli error code - - ?

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2010/08/04 10:07:05 (permalink)
I am getting error code ( - - ) digital, nothing start up. I tried to reconnect everything, and battery off for few mins, still nothing. look like i have to create Rma then? or anyone know about this error code ( - - ) ? 


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    Re:Evga 680i Sli error code - - ? 2010/10/02 10:46:26 (permalink)
    With the post code FF or -- in your case, it is the motherboard stating that one of the critical devices of the system are not able to be initalized.
    I would suggest trying to take the system down to a bench test. Please remove the motherboard, Power supply, CPU, and CPU Fan from the case. Please then place the motherboard on a Non-conductive surface such as cardboard or unfinished wood. Please verify that the Motherboards 24 pin & 8pin power cables are plugged in correctly from the power supply. Please remove and reseat the CPU, please verify that the CPU socket does not have any bent pins in the processor socket. Please use the Stock intel cooler if available or use a CPU cooler that is on the process but the screws are only hand tightened. Please verify that you only have ONE module of RAM in the primary memory channel. Please remove all other devices from the test, this includes video cards, PCI / PCI-e cards, and SATA / IDE devices. This should give you a post code for video error or possibly "7F" which is waiting for user.
    Please let us know what post code the computer stops on.
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    Re:Evga 680i Sli error code - - ? 2010/10/08 11:35:00 (permalink)
    I have the same problem. So i followed the steps you provided, remove everything and reseat the cpu, just the power and 1 memory module, etc....I still have the same problem. No codes post and all fans and lights work come on. The only thing thats displayed is "--". Whats the next thing I should check?
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    Re:Evga 680i Sli error code - - ? 2010/10/08 20:19:30 (permalink)
    If you have taken the motherboard out of the case, and tested it on cardboard (barebones). If it still gives you the -- code, then the motherboard is bad, and needs to be RMA'd.

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