It's not a problem it's an opportunity for positive change

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2010/06/01 17:26:55 (permalink)
After reading through this forum, I seem to be losing more and more faith in EVGA as a company so many stories of people being sent 2, 3, 4 replacements that don't work. something really need to change in you company, I can understand if occasionally this kind of thing happening. But really it seems to be happening far more often than I wouldn't find acceptable if I was running your business. is this something that will be changing, or should I just consider taking my business elseware?  

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    Re:It's not a problem it's an opportunity for positive change 2010/06/01 19:06:59 (permalink)
    I also see those situations being posted more often than I'd initially expect.

    To be fair, we generally only hear about the bad ones.

    It's possible the repeat problem cases might comprise less than 1% of those who RMA a card/mobo.

    What I'd really like to know:

    1. What percentage of EVGA cards/mobos (broken down by model#,) devlop a problem bad enough to need an RMA within 2 years of purchase?

    2. Of those, what percentage of replacement cards are in turn sent back as faulty as well?
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    Re:It's not a problem it's an opportunity for positive change 2010/06/01 21:21:36 (permalink)
    I like to ask  how many positive or no problems threads you have seen? .........i thought so ..... for every 1 negative thread i would bet 100's of positives are out there .Your over reacting to a small portion of negative posts without even thinking about the positive who never post or even make a thread in praise of EVGA. Mistakes do happen ,but EVGA always tries hard to make things right in the end .

    (except for moltenloava who got totally SCREWED by EVGA GBMH,and there is no excuse or justification for his outcome GMBH EVGA you really abused EVGA's reputation with that RMA fiasco )

    I am  >>NOT< <   a  EVGA Forums Moderator or a EVGA.com  Employee.
    I am only a  "Game Server Admin"
    My posts and are my own and not EVGA's.

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    Re:It's not a problem it's an opportunity for positive change 2010/06/01 23:27:04 (permalink)
      I totally agree with you EVGA has been nothing but courteous, and very quick with dealing with this. It would just be nice if it was fixed the first time around. Why are cards even being sent out the door that don't work? In my line of work I don't get second chances, my customers would laugh at me :(

     All I'm saying is this is an opportunity for EVGA to make a change for the better, to have better screening, or whatever. I personally don't find it acceptable that it's taken me 3 tries to get a replacement that may still not work. had it said in the warranty that it make take 6 tries for them to get it right that may have swayed my decision. And it's not like i'm the only one complaining about this and a lot of it is recent too. This will certainly be affecting my decision with my up coming upgrade.  

     Also lifetime warraty may be "awkward" but my card isn't even 2 year old...the people that are being sent multiple dead replacement are the ones using modern gear. how many products do you think EVGA RMA's that are 5+ years old?
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    Re:It's not a problem it's an opportunity for positive change 2010/06/02 05:34:29 (permalink)
    Like most people who have more than a few high end GPUs and MB from EVGA I also look at this particular forum regularly. I have had an RMA for a MB and it went very smoothly, but the posts here lately indicate significant problems for EVGA which need to be addressed before they go the way of BFG.

    First two admissions:

    1. EVGA has the best customer service in the industry at least in the U.S.

    2. EVGA allows full and frank discussions of its failings in its own forums and only edits obvious unacceptable behavior. They also usually react to correct problems on their own forums - see number 1.

    With that said there are some things to which they should give attention:

    1. I fully agree with comments above that you are only seeing a small portion of the RMAs and most might go well. This is, however, a two edged sword (or kind of a "catch 22") in that it means there may be a lot more RMAs than we know about which calls into question overall product quality. This, of course, must be offset partially by the fact that EVGA products are for the enthusiast and may get much rougher treatment than normal. To be pro-active EVGA should break the mold and release numbers on the total, products sold, the RMAs (as someone already suggested) and how many are problems. This would, hopefully, give us more confidence in the whole thing. I would be very surprised if this happened but pleasantly so.

    2. There are too many multiple returns of cards from individuals with significant computer experience and the means to test the cards independently. This means the comments from EVGA that they test the cards thoroughly must be called into question. Either they are not using the right tests or their tests are not effective. This calls into question their whole stock of "tested or refurbished" cards and MBs. I know I would not have the patience to do the 4 or 5 returns some of the real computer experts have had to do - its probably only EVGA's attitude and customer service that has protected them from legal action already. EVGA should stop the "we know better than you" testing process and really re-certify the cards after testing for the stated problem and running them for a longer time than 24 hours in actual usage not just a 3D Mark number. I'll bet they could actually get volunteers to do some testing for them with the return of a trinket or two.

    3. It is obvious that the "lifetime warranty" is a great marketing tool, but a very bad business model unless you stock a ton of new cards just to service your customers (that would still be bad as it would be too expensive). Couple this with the merry-go-round of used bad cards and it is a train wreck for any enthusiast who actually uses the card for more than word processing. The EAR charges and recent attempts by EVGA to pass more damage charges to their customers is evidence of the cost of this business model. We all know the EAR charge is just an attempt to rescue an RMA system that has become a real loser and certainly not tied to the actual shipping costs. Overall, EVGA would be better changing to a 2 or 3 year warranty to be sure they leave a good taste in the mouth of their target customers and not try to replace 5 year old cards with no stock to draw from.

    Sorry, I don't mean to tell EVGA how to do business, but I really would like to see them stay around and I have to be honest - I recently changed to a 5850 ATI card in my main computer because of the things I have read on this board and the flakey drivers from Nvidia. I know someone will say the ATI drivers are just as bad, but for my machine they work. This could have been a 470 or 480 just as well.


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    Re:It's not a problem it's an opportunity for positive change 2010/06/02 11:36:34 (permalink)
    I'll add my .005 cents too.

    I know all of us complainers are probably just a vocal minority but we're all complaining about the same thing which is what I find peculiar. 

    I'll be getting my 3rd (4th counting my original) 295 back today.  ::crosses fingers:: This one will hopefully work without a hitch...or at least give me a few months of use this time.

    Side note: "Lifetime" warranty for us enthusiasts is more like 2 years anyway so I don't think changing their business model would make a difference.
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    Re:It's not a problem it's an opportunity for positive change 2010/06/02 15:20:18 (permalink)
    Hi payday510,
    Thank you for your post. I can assure you that we are here to stand behind our products and we do rigorous testing before shipping any RMA replacements. Unfortunately failures can still occur and while sometimes it is the product other times it can be any number of things from shipping to the environment the card is being used in. I can recommend that if any customer is having trouble with their RMA replacements having the same problem that they contact us as we can work with them to let them know how the previous cards tested and we can try to help them locate the other problem that maybe occurring in their system. If anyone is in need of assistance with one of our products then please contact me directly at chrisb@evga.com and I will do my best to work with you to find a resolution.
    Thank You,
    EVGA Customer Support Manager
    Chris Bencivenga  

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    Re:It's not a problem it's an opportunity for positive change 2010/06/03 15:32:24 (permalink)
    I had 4 rma's with my 280. Everytime the card was bad I called evga right away and they send another out for me. Evga reps are very perfessional and helpful. Evga did send out a 285 to me and I did not ask for it, they made the suggestion and I was happy with it. So far the 285 is running perfect, thanks EGVA!!!!!!!

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    Re:It's not a problem it's an opportunity for positive change 2010/06/03 16:35:11 (permalink)
    It took four (4) RMAs for me to get a dual-PCB GTX295 Plus that worked longer than a week.  Though I have to say this 4th card has been working great with gaming and steady folding.  I can only hope that it will last for a while though.
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