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***Note to cut down on the amount of stickies in the General Discussion area the info in this post is generally moved to Hethings FAQ post found here: http://forums.evga.com/fb.ashx?m=1083539  
This was done on 17 May 2012***
A lot of our forum members give a lot to our community and we want you to know that we haven't forgotten you. When you reach the following milestones please post on the General Discussion area so you can be recognized appropriately:


1000 Posts
2000 Posts
3000 Posts
4000 Posts 
5000 Posts
6000 Posts 
7500 Posts
10000 Posts
12500 Posts
15000 Posts
17500 Posts 
20000 Posts
22500 Posts
25000 Posts
27500 Posts
30000 Posts
32500 Posts
35000 Posts
37500 Posts 
40000 Posts
42500 Posts
45000 Posts
47500 Posts
50000 Posts
52500 Posts
55000 Posts
57500 Posts
60000 Posts
62500 Posts
65000 Posts
67500 Posts
70000 Posts
72500 Posts
75000 Posts
77500 Posts
80000 Posts
82500 Posts
85000 Posts
87500 Posts
90000 Posts
92500 Posts
95000 Posts
97500 Posts
100000 Posts


0-100: New Member
101-250: Superclocked Member
251-500: SSC Member
501-1000: FTW Member
1001-2000: Über Member
2001-5000: Über Elite FTW Member
5001-8000: IDDQD Member
8001-15000: Omnipotent Enthusiast
15001: Pick your own title (requires admin approval)
Blue Ribbons
How are Blue Ribbons (BRs) awarded and how much are they worth? 
Each Blue Ribbon is worth 2 EVGA bucks. EVGA bucks can only be used on the EVGA website when you decide to order a product from the EVGA web store. This applies to the EVGA.com web stores in the USA and Europe only at this time.  EVGA bucks cannot be used for shipping costs! 
Blue Ribbons are primarily given to strong technical posts.  Strong technical posts can range from self written do-it-yourself guides; a self made video review of an EVGA product, explanations of over clocking settings for a particular motherboard, extremely strong Mods Rigs posting with pictures, etc. 
We also award one BR for each forum milestone you meet (see above
We do NOT award BRs for posts about Birthdays, Personal Health issues, folding@home*, humor, and news articles (unless you wrote the article yourself without copying anyone else).  We also do not award BRs for anyone who writes a forum post that is a near duplicate of another previously awarded BR post. 
On occasion we might award a BR to someone who has donated FREE software or hardware to someone else BUT we will not award 10 BRs to the same person who has given out 10 items (hardware and/or software). 
*folding@home has its own promotion program so we do not award BRs for anyone who achieves a folding milestone, but on occasion we might award a BR to someone who has developed a strong technical post (of their own accord-not copied) to help others with folding such as a self written ‘do-it-yourself’ guides. 
EVGA Management and the EVGA Forum Moderators reserve the right to rescind a BR if we find that the forum post in question is a duplicate of another post or is copied in whole and/or in part from copyrighted material from another forum website.  If you write a strong technical post in your own words and reference further information from another forum or website this is acceptable. 
We can on a very limited case by case basis award a BR for exceptional originality even if it is not technically worthy. We may also award a BR for a large number of helpful posts within one thread by the same person or a unique post that has been exceptionally helpful. 

Please visit our FAQ for additional information.
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