Intel Readies Skylake Micro-Architecture

Xavier Zepherious
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2011/07/26 17:58:37 (permalink)


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    Re:Intel Readies Skylake Micro-Architecture 2011/07/26 18:25:10 (permalink)
    Xavier Zepherious

    skylake (tick)->skymont(tock)

    details are sketchy...maybe like DDR4... PCIE 4.0

    and again intel is ahead of amd once again! Skylake? hmmm sound nice reminds me of SKYNet! maybe these are the  processor behind Skynet!
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    Re:Intel Readies Skylake Micro-Architecture 2011/07/26 18:33:00 (permalink)
    wow, and i was wondering when DDR4 was going to be released. I thought AMD would pull it off with their Bulldozer CPU's and since ATI vga's have the advance DDR chips in their cards as compared to NVIDIA ..


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    Re:Intel Readies Skylake Micro-Architecture 2011/07/26 18:36:02 (permalink)
    When did you think that? 2008?
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    Re:Intel Readies Skylake Micro-Architecture 2011/07/26 19:10:34 (permalink)
    lol sadly a few months back, was hoping AMD would buck up and do it how they did years back .. :D


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    Re:Intel Readies Skylake Micro-Architecture 2011/07/26 22:28:42 (permalink)
    getting closer to Skynet.

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    Re:Intel Readies Skylake Micro-Architecture 2011/07/27 00:39:45 (permalink)
    Some of you guys are blowing this out of porportion I'm afraid.  About the only new information are the codenames of the next micro architecture beyond Haswell and the shrink lithography of Rockwell.
    All of you try something, open up your device manager, open processors and right-click any one of the threads. Hit up the driver tab and what do you see for "Driver Date"?  My Core i5 480M says June 21, 2006; my Core i7 920 had a driver date from 2004; what's the significance?  It takes a couple years to make a processor from the ground up.  It just shouldn't be a surprise that Intel (or AMD, or any other processor manufacturer) is already working on future generations right now that won't appear in retail for several years.  Even AMD and nVidia work on their graphics year ahead of time, nVidia was designing the 8-series back when FX 5-series were debuting -- that doesn't mean they had access to DX10 back then, I'm talking about the die design and architecture.
    I doubt AMD and Intel have access to the non-existent or not-yet-ratified DX12/PCIe 4.0 for those future processors, again the CPU and GPU are separate constructs from the standards they follow.
    So now we know what comes for Intel:
    32nm Sandy Bridge
    22nm Ivy Bridge
    ** probable socket set change **
    22nm Haswell
    14nm Rockwell
    ** probable socket set change **
    14nm Skylake
    10nm Skymont
    AMD seems to have two co-existing and similar micro-architectures per lithography while Intel lumps them into the same microarchitecture.  Maybe seronx can inform me, how similar are Bobcat and Bulldozer in their simplistic forms?  The core and cache systems of Sandy Bridge are identical from laptop, desktop, to server; for the most part.  That laptop and desktop have an integrate GPU where high-end desktop and server do not yet have additional DDR3 channels and PCIe lanes...it just seems like they are consolidating their codenames when they shouldn't. 

    TEC/Peltier definitions, formulas and temperature estimations

     For Intel processors, 0.122 x TDP = Continuous Amps at 12v [source].  
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    Re:Intel Readies Skylake Micro-Architecture 2011/07/27 21:05:29 (permalink)
    It's Ok if the OP to think this is cool and and wants to thread about. Not every one lives on google, so i guess this is newsworthy to me.
    Besides if OP's didn't do things like this we wouldn't be able to hear from the omnipotents telling us what we should/shouldn't already know. And go on to tell us a bunch of stuff we already do know, as if we didn't. It makes for good ole comic relief in dry subjects.
    That being said, I think it's cool that Intel puts this out with target dates that are historically realistic.... as opposed to the competition which IMO just throws  darts at multiyear callendars lol.

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