2011/03/28 21:10:32
It has been pointed out that we don't have a dedicated section for introduce yourself threads, and at this time that is not going to happen.  So I decided to create a Sticky instead.
Welcome to EVGA all newcomers.  We are a family friendly tech forum for all PC hardware enthusiasts.  You do not need to own a single piece of EVGA hardware to participate here.  Please introduce yourself so we can get to know you.  Many people here have become friends and communicate outside of these forums.
No specific format required, just say hi!
2011/03/28 21:14:23
Great idea, Tweaked....this really has been a long time coming. Welcome to all new Forum members!!
2011/03/28 21:27:51
Well I have been trying to put something like this thread in the Stickies & nobody put my To all the new members!!! thread here so here it is!
2011/03/28 21:35:41
Sorry Bear.  Just didn't dawn on my till tonight.
2011/03/28 21:55:39
hi there, i'm new here
just i speak spanglish :D
2011/03/28 22:00:41
Yes, good plan.  EGC has an introduce yourself thread but EVGA in general didn't have one until now.
2011/03/28 22:05:02
Hi, I'm a human being!
2011/03/28 22:11:26
I introduced myself to the music the moment...
wrong forums.
2011/03/28 22:17:44
General section way behind EGC section.
2011/03/28 22:19:16
I think this is a good move and will help keep the general section less cluttered, although I still think an 'Introduce Yourself' section would be beneficial to create in the long run! :)

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