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Folding@Home Guides:

"EVGA Folding at Home Team" -KiloKrash
Official EVGA Folding Team -JiggyWiggly
Got HFM (running on my Windows machine) to see my Ubuntu Folding boxen... - texinga
VMware folding backup scripts - TheCrazyCanuck
Basic Ubuntu BIGADV FOLDING guide - wb488641
[Linux/Ubuntu] Collection of FAQS, Howtos, and Tips - SimC33
How to fold on SSD set up with multiple gpu3 &  -advmethods clients - pgmoney
VMware folding and 'bigadv - Linuxrouter
Troubleshooting Guide - zerran2001
HP Cloud Services SMP client setup - david12857
VMware && Linux bigadv folding - linuxrouter 
How-to: Dynamic Sig using GPU Tracker V2, EOC stats, EOC Graph -  unhappyelf
[GUIDE] How to prepare for QRB GPU WUs - Sleinous
AMD 4P / Quad Socket Design and Build Guide -  bowlinra 
4P socket F Guide.  - bill1024 (04/09/2013)

Getting Started

Beginner's Guide - fonze98

CPU Folding

SMP client in Windows -rcranfield
SMP client using VMware (Updated) -Horvat
Pictorial Guide to Running -bigadv on Windows - SimC33

GPU Folding

Multi GPU Guide -Talonman
Multi GPU Guide with WinAFC - Hotvat

Folding on Linux -SimC33

Monitoring Progress

FahMon Guide -rcranfield
HFM.NET -RHarlamert
HFM.NET Setup Guide -BShurilla09

Team Folding Stats


Folding@home Lingo Dictionary - Jinihammerer


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10/10/2015 - Added Folding@home Lingo Dictionary Link
4/09/13: Added 4 P Socket F Guide

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