2010/10/03 07:10:30
What is the maximum recommended temperature capable of a GeForce 8400GS
2010/10/03 15:08:24
Welcome to the forums taveg..NVIDIA didn't have the Max GPU Temp listed on their website (card too old)..So I had to DL a few video BIOS's and read them with a video BIOS editor..Seems that the EVGA BIOS wouldn't open for some reason (said "couldn't find clockrates") , but Asus is the only one that made a card identical in all respects (core, shader, memory clocks) to EVGA's card..GPU Vendor/Device ID 0x10DE (nvidia) 0x0422 (8400 GS) which is the same for 8400 GS's also made by Gigabyte, Inno3D, Leadtek, MSI and XFX (which have lower clockspeeds)..I couldn't believe the Max GPU Temp for that card is 122C !....Except for the others which are 125C !!!..Whoa !!!..So that's it, a scorching 122C for your card. 
2010/10/03 17:27:48
Thanks for the welcome
125 is much just wow mine is at 70 the maximum and I was scared.

Forgive me for my English if it is a bit confusing I do not talk much

thanks again
2010/10/03 18:35:18
I would just make sure you have good airflow in the case, and the fan speed is at 70% for the average.
2010/10/04 03:33:36
XrayMan is correct..But, I think what would be even better is for you to get EVGA Precision 2.0.0 (if you don't have it already) and make your own custom fan profile to kick the fan up to 100% at around, hmmm, say +/- 80C..If you let the standard NVIDIA driver have fanspeed control it probably won't go 100% untill about 10 or 15C below the Max GPU Temp (which is typical)..But if you're not even hitting over 70C, then don't even worry about it at all, that's not even in the same zip code as hot.
2010/10/05 17:49:14
Thanks [link=showprofile.aspx?memid=286994]XrayMan[/link],[link=showprofile.aspx?memid=574463]bob16314[/link]
Ok I got Precision use it for overclock the GPU know this is what is happening the gpu its running in
Core clock: 613 MHZ
Shader Clock 1513 MHZ
Memory Clock 473 MHZ
Normal temp is 49 to 52 C
Full throttle is 62 to 67 C
when I watch a video on youtube when there is a color almost  black always appear green spots are placed and removed in the video.
I got I have 5 fans on the pc but all I have it to get air in the pc  it is necessary to put some of then to get air out of the case?
2010/10/05 18:54:29
Your video card maybe will not overclock very much..Some will overclock ok, others not..If you are only having a problem watching YouTube videos, you should make sure you have the newest Flash Player, videos on YouTube are streamed through Adobe Flash player..I'm sure 5 fans is enough, lol..If your case has enough exhaust vents in it then I wouldn't worry too much about making some fans to get the air out (your PSU will also act as a exhaust fan)..That's up to you and the design of your case, but most people would say you should have a few exhaust fans..You can check your Flash Player version and get updates here:  http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ 
2010/10/05 19:18:32
I have the lasted flash player i gonna try with another video streaming wen .
I forgot to to tell you that this happen usually when i overclock the gpu more.In this moment i can see a video and its ok no problem.
The problem came when Im making the stability test.I use FurMark for that .
Can you recomend me another Benchmark program?
2010/10/05 20:26:20
Sounds like your video card does not like being overclocked..FurMark is really extreme !..If I were you I would just use the EVGA OC Scanner and also whatever 3DMark Benchmark test applies to you (see the System Requirements) 
EVGA OC Scanner: http://www.evga.com/articles/00530/
3DMark: http://www.futuremark.com/download/
2010/10/06 03:46:43
Ok i use 3dmark the ocscanner dont work with this video card but its ok .i gonna leave it just like that.
Thanks for all

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