2024/05/05 19:44:09
Hello, I like the EVGA brand, so I even bought a keyboard and mouse.
After purchasing EVGA X20, I made a macro that left-clicked while pressing a specific button, and I was using it well. But suddenly, after pressing the macro button, left-click not working.
I have finished updating the firmware for Unleash RGB and the mouse. If you specify the same macro on the Z20 keyboard and test it, it is presumed to be a mouse problem because there was no problem with left-click after using the macro button on the keyboard.
If there is no way to fix it on my own, do I have to do RMA? It seems like a software problem rather than a hardware problem.
2024/05/06 07:38:55
If no one responds with an answer or an idea of how to resolve your issue, you may just want to contact EVGA support and ask them. ->  https://www.evga.com/support/custsupp.asp

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