2024/03/04 11:22:45
This X17 is honestly the worst gaming mouse I have ever purchased. Its not a plug & play mouse like most mice and a complete hassle to use. In order to make it function on any new PC, you have to download the EVGA RGB Unleash software and install it. So you will always need a backup mouse around if you want to use the X17, because once it stops working youre screwed. This is what happened to me today. Luckily, I have a cheap old school ASUS mouse that works like a champ that I keep as a backup. It ALWAYS connects to every single Windows PC without hassle and never needs driver updates. So I used my backup ASUS mouse to take the following steps;
First, I checked that I was on the current version of the  RGB Unleash software for my Windows 10 64-bit system (Version and it was. However, when I opened RGB Unleash user interface, it provided no options, just a blank UI with two buttons (Default & Apply) at the bottom that did nothing. So I uninstalled the RGB Unleash software, deleted all of the associated files, then restarted the PC.  Next, I went to the EVGA website to download the latest driver for the X17 mouse again, which turned out to be the same version of RGB Unleash that I was previously running, version After reinstalling version (Windows 10 64-bit version) and waiting a few minutes to take effect, the X17 mouse still didnt work, even after another restart. So I found a link in the EVGA forum for an older version of the software, version, and again wiped my PC of version then reinstalled RGB Unleash version Now my X17 finally works again!! 
Unfortunately, now the RGB Unleash software is useless because when I open it, it immediately tries to force me to perform a firmare update. NO THANK YOU RGB Unleash, I do not want to update to the broken version of your software. This mouse sucks. I will never buy another gaming mouse from EVGA again. 
2024/04/30 01:30:41
i agree....TOTAL junk is the mouse and software!

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