2024/02/19 05:49:55
Hi! I moved my pc today in the morning, and for space reasons I had to unplug the power cord,
after putting everything in place again, the EVGA logos are full white ON, it usually happens, the only thing I have to do it's just open DG TUNER and it will restore the saved rgb profile. 
this time, when I openned DG TUNNER, a new window pops up saying: UPGRADING DG FIRMWARE, then, it crashes and shows this error: CANT FIND USB HID DEVICE
what should I do? it's my first time watching this error pop up. 
screenshot of the pop up:

If anyone knows a workaround, I would apreciate it, I reinstalled the software twice and no luck, also unplugged the USB connector in the motherboard (classified Z690) and connected it back.
the obvious fix dont work for the USB HID problem. 
please help evga!! 

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