2023/06/01 00:28:13
Cougar introduced several new gaming chair models at Computex 2023 including the Hotrod, NxSys Aero and Armor EVO. The NxSys Aero has been getting plenty of attention from attendees due to its mounted 200 mm aRGB cooling fan - this is positioned to provide cooling for the sweatiest of rears torsos. The advanced integrated cooling solution is apparently a first for the gaming chair market - Cougar thinks that this is a game changer - a power bank provides the necessary juice to run the fan and lighting system from a discreetly placed perch. The NxSys Aero features an innovative elastomeric mesh and ventilated back cover ensuring an airy yet cushioned seating experience. A physiotherapy-grade lumbar pillow and magnetic head cushion complete the package.

The Hotrod is a "motorsports-inspired" gaming chair designed to react to the intense maneuvers of fast-paced action. Cougar has studied real world racing seat in order to figure out the right balance of flexibility and resistance to body movements. The Hotrod's structure is formed out of synthetic PA fiberglass-reinforced plastic, yet the chair offers a high level of comfort thanks to multi-density cushioning along its backrest. An integrated height-adjustable head cushion adds comfy support for necks and heads - it is ergonomically engineered to prevent whiplash resulting from the most serious of high-octane gaming situations.
The fan installed on back of one of the chairs is interesting. 

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