2023/05/31 07:45:32
I purchased my mobo on 2021 and now all of sudden just stopped working. It went from not detecting my hard drive, to blank screen, to no power (but there's a white light on). Am I able to return this and get a replacement or something. Note: I did not overclock or take the cpu apart or anything. Just turned the PC on and off as it was beeping like 4 times and then twice.
2023/05/31 07:49:59
If you want to be considered for a replacement, you need to submit a warranty claim.
2023/05/31 08:54:24
Did you try a complete CMOS reset?
2023/05/31 09:51:44
I can't find the battery on the motherboard
2023/05/31 10:29:05
Could CMOS batteries cause no power to the motherboard?
2023/05/31 11:20:49
I can't find the battery on the motherboard

You need remove heatsink for two M.2 ssd then you will see CMOS battery.. so please see your manual book on pages 30 for Z590 FTW 
Find Z590 FTW Manual Book
2023/05/31 11:25:44
Yeah... I resetted the battery and still doesn't power on. Only a white light and if I read closely on the mobo it says 'usb led'
2023/06/01 03:55:39
Can we have your full PC spec please and how old is your power supply? Sometime it can happen when boot up may wait for 30 secs it will boot up bit longer! 
If not solve then you will need RMA replace your Z590 FTW motherboard! 
2023/06/01 16:10:20
How do I rma it? It's asking me for the serial, I don't have the box anymore
2023/06/02 00:42:22
There a serial no's on your motherboard where near CPU pins! Please contact EVGA Customer support! But did you register your product for warranty when you have bought new motherboard?

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