2023/05/11 00:14:53
A Plague Tale Requiem now has a 60 FPS mode on Xbox Series X and PS5, and new PC options 
A Plague Tale Requiem has received a new "Performance Mode" update on PC and consoles, adding new 60 FPS modes to the game on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X alongside new graphical options on PC. On PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, A Plague Tale Requiem now has a 30 FPS Resolution Mode and a 60 FPS Performance mode, and alongside these new performance options, new bug fixes have also been added to the game on all platforms. 
On PC, A Plague Tale@ Requiem's "Performance Mode" update adds three new options that are designed to make higher framerates more achievable on more modest PC hardware configurations. These options include a setting that will reduce the number of rats on screen, a setting that lowers the refresh rate of rats on screen, and a setting that adjusts the refresh rate of characters to reduce CPU usage. 
A Plague Tale Requiem's Performance Mode update is available starting today on PC and consoles. 
PC Patch Notes
- Added options on PC to save CPU usage and gain performance on minimal configurations:
  - Adjustment of the number of animated rats displayed on the screen to reduce CPU usage.
  - Adjusting the refresh rate of the rats on the screen to reduce CPU usage.
  - Adjust the refresh rate of the characters to reduce CPU usage.
Should be a very nice patch. 
2023/06/09 00:40:46
Good, wanted to play it since release 

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