2023/05/10 00:07:11
Naughty Dog and Iron Galaxy have released a fresh update for the PC version of The Last of Us Part I, Update v1.0.5. This is the ninth update for the PC version of the game, and it brings further performance improvements, reduced shader building times, and improves texture fidelity on low and medium presets.

According to the release notes, the newest update further reduces shader building times, but, more importantly, includes optimized code to improve global CPU performance, which has been plaguing the game since the launch. Naughty Dog was keen to note that the newest patch triggers a full shader rebuild and that you need to have the most up-to-date version of the graphics driver, especially since the latest AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition v23.4.3 includes a fix for "longer than expected shader compilation time" in The Last of Us Part I.
Here are the full release notes:
  • Reduced shader building times
  • Optimized code to improve global CPU performance
  • Optimized content to improve performance across several levels
  • Improved level loading to help reduce the amount of 'Please Wait' and loading screens
  • Added a new Effects Density setting, which adjusts the density and number of non-critical visual effects (Options > Graphics)
  • Increased crowd sizes on Low and Medium Ambient Character Density settings and added a Very Low option (Options > Graphics)
  • Implemented additional scalability tuning for Low and Medium in-game Graphics settings
  • Reduced the VRAM impact of texture quality settings, allowing most players to increase their texture quality settings or experience improved performance with their current settings
  • Fixed a crash that would occur on boot on Windows 11
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on Intel Arc
  • Fixed a crash that may occur when starting a New Game in Left Behind prior to the completion of shader building
  • Corrected an issue where pointing the camera at the floor while aiming would cause the player and camera to visually stutter
  • Fixed an issue where Sniping Sensitivity settings were not applying to all scoped weapons. Additionally, Sniping Sensitivity has been renamed to Scoped Sensitivity (Options > Controls > Mouse Camera Sensitivity)
  • Fixed an issue where players could not click on 'Jump To Unbound' when prompted in the custom controls settings (Options > Controls > Input > Customize Controls)
  • Fixed an issue where changing Graphics settings (Options > Graphics > Graphics Preset) during gameplay wouldn't restart the player at the correct checkpoint
  • Fixed an issue where adjustments to Lens Flare (Options > Graphics > Visual Effects Settings > Lens Flare) were not not applied
  • [Pittsburgh] Fixed an issue where players may consistently fall out-of-world when restarting at the checkpoint in the bookstore
  • [Left Behind] Fixed an issue where players may get soft locked when jumping into the electrified water
  • Implemented improvements to load times
  • Fixed an issue where shaders may take an abnormally long time to load
I think the game has improved (with the patches) to be acceptable. 

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