2023/03/24 08:28:18
Background info:
A couple weeks ago, a motherboard issue kinda no-choiced me into starting down a mini-upgrade path.
NOTE: Even though it failed, I have 0 complaints on the board - it was V1.0 that ran nearly 24/7 for 4 years with no issues. 
Choices were made by availability & price (with all still working parts used in trickle-down upgrades to other systems in the house.)
New Parts: 
G.A. Master X570 (CS fan RIP) to G.A. Master X570s
5800X to 5950X
2-1TB WD Black SN750 NVMe to 2-2TB WD Black SN850X NVMe
G. Gaming OC3X 2070 Super to Aorus Master 4070Ti
1) Given the increased power demands of the new parts, will my EVGA 850 G+ still be sufficient?
2) Will EVGA be making a dedicated modular power cable available for the 40 series video cards?
2023/03/24 08:49:15
1. Yeah that capacity is still perfectly fine.
2. Jacob officially confirmed on his Twitter back in November or December that they would be making an EVGA 12VHPWR cable, however no news since.
2023/03/24 09:19:04
Cool GTX
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