2022/10/19 04:15:08
Software crashes to me every time I plug in usb and try to update. I don't have access to the mouse software. Anyone knows what to do?
2022/10/20 11:02:44
If you haven't already, can you try a previous version of the software to see if the crashes persist?
2022/10/20 11:16:18
I tried almost 5-6 previous versions and problem is the same
2022/10/20 13:12:43
Thanks for getting back with that information. I've sent you an email about this directly so we can look into warranty options.
2022/11/06 15:22:13
For me the fix is to run Unleash RGB on Windows 10 system and the firmware updates work. 
Didn't seem to work on my Windows 11 system.  
2022/12/03 21:13:05
I am under Windows 11 and the firmware stop responding.
I am unable to use the software because of it. 
I downloaded the Win11 and the Win10 version. Same problem.
I got this mouse 2 days ago.
Please help
P.S. i have the version and a X20 mouse
2022/12/05 12:14:40
I am having the same issues as well and can not connect my x20 wirelessly 
2022/12/21 05:46:51
Same problem here too. Can't even open the Unleash app anymore without it trying to update the firmware and crashing. Mouse works fine otherwise.
2022/12/25 15:55:36
Having the same problem
2022/12/28 11:30:35
Tengo el mismo problema, no se actualiza de ninguna manera y he probado con varias versiones, y tampoco me deja registrar el producto con su número de serie. U___U'
Al darle actualizar me salta un error de:

''Microsoft .NET Framework - Excepción no controlada en la aplicación. Si hace clic en Continuar, la aplicación omitirá este error e intentará continuar. Si hace clic en Salir, la aplicación se cerrará inmediatamente.
Referencia a objeto no establecida como instancia de un objeto''

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