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2009/11/22 01:08:39
Rate how use full they are on a scale of 1-10 and a short description.

No particular order...

1. Rocket dock, helps keep your desktop organized (6)
2. EVGA precision, Overclocking utility for your GPU (8)
3. Power dvd, plays movies and blue rays much better than any other program (9)
4. Itunes, keeps your music organized (7)
5. Camtasia studio, best screen capture software period (5)
6. Steam, it works like xbox live works and has a huge easy to access community (8)

2009/11/22 02:45:32
1. Microsoft Office beta 2010 (currently free and works great, found a ocuple of bugs though) (9)
2. Auslogics disk defragmentor (it's free, works great) (10)
3. ITunes (download up to date TV shows) (9)
4. Steam (download games but their servers are too slow) (5)
5. Kaspersky antivirus (has saved me many times from attacks) (9)
2009/11/25 00:23:44
1. Evga Precision; for monitoring fps, temps and setting my OC profile(10)
2. Steam; so I can easy chat with my steam friends and play my favorite source games(7)
3. Chrome; best web browser besides FF, clean and fast(9)
4. Auslogics Disk Defrag, superior fragment program(8)
5. Windows Media player; I always listen to music and it's easy to organize(7)
6. Real VNC; So when I'm not home I can still work on my rig(10)
2009/11/25 16:13:10
Hugh Jass
precision (8)
objectdock - dock program similar to mac os dock(9)
autoruns - view all programs, reg keys etc that run on startup (8)
realtemp - monitor cpu/gpu temps(10)
Adobe Suite - (9)
AVG AV - antivirus software, free and retail versions are great! (9)
norton ghost - hard drive backup tool, very light and effective (9)

that's what i can think of off the top of my head at work im sure theres alot more lol
2009/11/25 16:34:14

again in no particular order.
  1. ObjectDock Plus   (7)   Docking Program, makes it easier to access your frequently used progs slightly buggy hence not a 10/10
  2. KIS 2010    (9)Cool security software, haven't found anything on my system with any other malware scanner since I started using this, keeps my pc clean.  Full scan can be demanding so run overnight, but otherwise very light on resources. Run in safe mode is excellent, like sandbox.  Vulnerability scan is very useful.  Was going free with rebates earlier this year. 
  3. Mailwasher   (8)Sits in the tray, pulls your email headers down from server so you can delete spam without opening Outlook
  4. Firefox            (10)  Coolest bit of software, add-ons make this a necessity.
  5. BackUpFox       (8, would be 10 if it was automated)  Backs up your profile etc, hasn't been updated in years but still works.
  6. WinRar             (8)  For all your zip, rar etc files
  7. Directory Opus (8)  File Manager for Windows.  Far better but less pretty than Windows Explorer.
  8. CrapCleaner    (10 since I found you can customise it)  eh, clean out the crap off your system.
  9. EasyBCD          (10 saved me from mistakes when I started multi booting)  Manage/ edit your multiboot systems. Invaluable.  
  10. iReboot            (10)  Pick the OS you want to reboot to.  Simple and very effective, from the makers of EasyBCD.
  11. NewsBin Pro       (8 would be 10 if it had a live search rather than having to press enter to search)  For all your newsgroup needs, compact view is the one reason I bought this. 
  12. VLC                  (8)To play any video files. 

These are usually amongst the first installed when I set up a new windows OS. 

edit to add descriptions and links. 
2009/11/25 23:00:56
^^Forgot your descriptions^^
2009/11/26 08:57:23
^^Forgot your descriptions^^


2009/12/02 12:54:28
cpuz =10
gpuz =10
MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials)=9 
Acronis True Image Home 09=10
Google Chrome=9
Win7 Media Center w\ Netflix=8
2009/12/07 10:14:46
Handbrake (9) - video encoding
Virtual Dub Mod (7)- video capture and modification
Vegas 8 (10) - audio and video editing
VM Player (10) - F@H with notfreds

2010/03/08 19:58:45
Itunes - (10)
Skype - (9)
F@H stuff - (7)
EVGA Precision - (8)
Voltage Tuner - (7)
CPU-Z - (5)
Safari - Just so clean, and faster. (9)
Firefox - For the apps. (4)
Rocketdock - (8)
Xfire - (10)
GIMP 2.6 - (9) Great for free photo editing.
3dMark Vantage - (10) Spoken like a true overclocker.
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