2022/09/16 12:50:57
Y’all gonna make us pay a premium for strix

Sad day indeed. Best of luck and I hope y’all find a way to exit gracefully
2022/09/16 12:50:58
Crazy news. Bring on the EVGA Intel GPUs hehe.
2022/09/16 12:53:55
I can see this coming from the recent GPU shortage/scalping/now price slashing fiasco from the past couple years.

EVGA to me, is seen as one of the corporate citizens in the GPU scene. Having policies in place that made sure actual gamers got their hands on GPUs. Making sure step up was used for its intent and not a way for botters for gaurantee cards with GT1030s.

The handling of the GPU shortage and now flood of used GPUs in the market from Nvidia (delaying 40 series to clear their 30s production f*ck up) does not seem to represent what EVGA (to me) wants to portray.

I can see them NOT renewing a contract for 40 series cards but not wasting their investment on AIB GPU, so I expect some AMD cards in the near future from EVGA
2022/09/16 12:56:54
This is a really sad moment.
I was hoping to get a 40x0 from EVGA when it launches, and probably a 70x0 after a few years, etc ...
2022/09/16 12:58:17
Radeon and Arc next?
2022/09/16 12:58:40
Hi all,

You may have heard some news regarding the next generation products from EVGA. Please see below for a message on future products and support:

  • EVGA will not carry the next generation graphics cards.
  • EVGA will continue to support the existing current generation products.
  • EVGA will continue to provide the current generation products.
EVGA is committed to our customers and will continue to offer sales and support on the current lineup. Also, EVGA would like to say thank you to our great community for the many years of support and enthusiasm for EVGA graphics cards.

EVGA Management

I'm sure you don't have all the answers yet, but can you try to shed some light on the plans for those of us with existing cards and extended warranties?  I personally just bought a Kingpin this last year with a 10 year extended warranty.  For the next couple years, I'm guessing there will be RMA stock but at some point that will run out.  In the past when that happened you would always get the next step/gen up as a replacement.  That wont be available.  Do you have any insight into how things will be handled in the future for that? 
2022/09/16 13:00:40
time for amd cards
2022/09/16 13:00:51
Really unfortunate. I've been using EVGA GPUs for 15 years. I'll still be buying your motherboards and PSUs but this hurts.
2022/09/16 13:02:55
Wow. That's all I can say.
2022/09/16 13:03:12
I am going to assume EVGA will continue to offer all their other products? (Motherboards, PSUs, KB/M, AIOs, accessories, etc...)?
It is well known how Nvidia craps all over everybody including AIBs. I was wondering when one of them was going to just call it quits and move on and either go AMD or just do everything else besides GPUs.
I would LOVE to see see a Kingpin AMD 7000 or 8000 series in the future.

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