2022/09/16 12:10:45
Hi all,

You may have heard some news regarding the next generation products from EVGA. Please see below for a message on future products and support:

  • EVGA will not carry the next generation graphics cards.
  • EVGA will continue to support the existing current generation products.
  • EVGA will continue to provide the current generation products.
EVGA is committed to our customers and will continue to offer sales and support on the current lineup. Also, EVGA would like to say thank you to our great community for the many years of support and enthusiasm for EVGA graphics cards.

EVGA Management

2022/09/16 12:21:31
I think this is a bad decision.
But it certainly makes my GPU choices much more simple.
2022/09/16 12:27:08
This is unfortunate news... 
Been a supporter of EVGA since was able to get a TNT 2 AGP card from them over two decades ago since the prices were great.
Where will this take the company now that they are no longer into the GPU market?
2022/09/16 12:28:04
Wow. Very sad. Guess I’ll have to buy a Galax 4090 ti.
2022/09/16 12:28:20
This is just plain sad. 
2022/09/16 12:28:35
Damn I was expecting a 4090 but it so it goes.
2022/09/16 12:29:00
Well then.. I guess my next GPU will be ASUS... OH GOD... -______-
2022/09/16 12:31:14
Not good news
2022/09/16 12:31:48
Wonder if this is related to the crazy failure rates of the FTW3 early on even though that was a custom board with soldering issues IE not Nvidia's fault. Or maybe somehow its fallout to the chinese nvidia export laws that recently came to be.
Also wonder if they will be doing AMD cards now.
2022/09/16 12:35:13
please god I don’t want to have to buy an ASUS GPU

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