2022/07/03 19:48:08
Rebuilt my old PC so I can play BF4 again. My group is still very active.
Old PC:

Ryzen 1600X OC
16GB Memory
Asus ROG Hero something something AM4 mobo
alphacool, xspc, EK water cooling.
Asus RT6600XT OC 8GB.

I can't get over new cases, with this basement and room to manage wires behind the mobos is very cool.
Business in the front:

Party in the back!

hide the mess

got things working

2022/07/03 22:37:56
Cool GTX
nice Rig
2022/07/04 03:37:10
Well done. Great work!
2022/07/04 07:40:50
I have a custom 3x120mm rad cover on the way and I need to clean the rad and loop with primochill products.

I’m going to use that VUE coolant, the stuff with two colors mixed in.

Also I’m not too sure about super resolution tricks yet. I know the 6600xt is a 1080p card but it seems to run at 1440p and 4K just fine. However I still got a 144hz 1ms IPS screen with free sync to be safe.
I’ll play around with my 4K and ultra wide monitors but why push the card? FPS over pixels imo.
2022/07/04 07:48:12
nice fit, crazy with all those cables and how these new cases mostly nicely do tuck them away. 
2022/07/15 19:16:38
Got this thing working, 6600xt is a great card. Running BF4 4k 60fps ultra no problems.

2022/08/06 21:43:50
Nice job, and nice colors.
2022/08/14 20:41:19
Ah, the sweet smell of success  ... it's turning into an upgrade summer around here .
So many great craftsmen .
To  the Moon !

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