2022/06/26 20:17:38
So I have been playing bf 2042 fine since around end of April early May. The last update in June for season 1 pass I was getting constant direct x errors with crash to desktop or freezing.  Then I also got a ID_PC_CORRUPT_SAVE_BODY message and the game wont load anymore. This is what I did to fix the issue. I have a 11700k and EVGA 3080 FTW3 with an undervolt on the core set to 925mv at 1950mhz/1965mhz boost.  
1st step is to close out of Origin, open up Task manager go to Processes tab. Find Origin right click on it and hit end task . Next is hit Windows Key + R this will bring up the run program window and type in temp.  Delete the files in the windows temp folder. some of the files might say access denied or in use so thats fine just delete what you can. 
2nd step is to hit Windows Key + R again and type in %appdata%  find the Origin folder and delete it.  this will delete all the cache files etc. all your saves etc are saved on the cloud or bf servers if you want to backup the folder first and place it somewhere else go ahead. after you delete the Origin folder then
3rd step is hit Windows Key + R again and type in %ProgramData%/Origin.  Now in this folder delete everything except the Local content folder. local content is the only folder you DONT delete in this Origin folder.
4th step after you have deleted all these cache/temp files restart the computer. After your pc is back up you will need to log back into Origin again. Once you are logged in go to My Game Library and right click on battlefield 2042 and hit repair.  This will verify the files and redownload any that are corrupt.
5th step is reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable files. This is Visual Studio 2010 (VC++ 10.0) SP1 x64, Visual Studio 2012 (VC++ 11.0) Update 4 x64, Visual Studio 2013 (VC++ v12.04) x64, and Visual Studio 2015 2017 2019 2022 x64 versions (this one is all in one file). you can download it from microsoft.com they are all under the same link/page. install these all again.
6th step this should be the important step.  I have seen multiple people say they need to downclock aka underdo their overclock on their graphics card for BF 2042.  So I used Msi Afterburner 4.64 I set my power limit to 92%, memory at stock speed and dropped down my core clock (boost clock) speed to 1935mhz. I also increased the voltage a little bit from 925mv to 963mv for the 1935mhz boost clock this part may or may not matter. 
6th step Part B in bios you may have an option that says ReSize Bar Support or just ReSize Bar set it to off or disabled.  This is just a new option that came out within the last few years to squeeze out a few extra fps in some games. I have mine set to off. Most people say they only gain an extra 1-3 fps. Not worth it having on especially with BF 2042.  It might also be located in Nvidia control panel. Anyone that had game problems in the forums would disable the Resize Bar option.
7th step is to delete the two files in  documents/Battlefield 2042/settings. these are just the graphic settings options. some people say they get corrupt or messed up sometimes or you manually changed the options with notepad ++ and can mess up the finicky game.
Now this should fix 90% of your problems I am now able to play multiple rounds at once where before I would crash within 5 to 15 mins of playing a game. These steps below take it a few steps further and are optional.
8th step is reinstall your Nvidia or AMD Graphic Drivers.  For Nvidia I use the 511.79 game ready drivers. 512.95 seems to be the last stable drivers from Nvidia. I see tons of problems/bug with anything newer than 512.95.  Also alot of people have good luck with the old drivers before version 500 so 496.76, 497.09, 497.29 etc are suppose to be pretty stable.  496.76 is the driver that came out for bf 2042. 
9th step is to fix windows problems. You can use various different programs to fix these issues. Iobit Advanced SystemCare, Iobit Advanced System Repair Pro v1.9.8.3 (this is the one I used and ignored the option that said to update old drivers).   PC Cleaner Pro v9.0 is another good program that will fix registry errors and find any windows corrupt files etc.  Supposedly a corrupt windows WMI driver will cause graphics drivers to go corrupt or not reinstall correctly.  My windows 10 is a new install so that wasnt my problem.  PC Cleaner Pro will fix a corrupt Windows WMI driver as well as Reimage Plus.
2022/06/26 20:27:45
Cool GTX
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2022/06/27 12:06:28
Also , a good practice to help stuttering is to delete all the extra thousands of crap files in --> "Document/BF2042/ cache"
When are they going to fix the game making TENS of Thousands of extra folders in that cache folder ..??...  Only DICE knows. ...
It's ridiculous .
2022/06/27 17:09:04
They don't know how to fix it.

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