2022/06/26 07:24:53
In recent weeks, Ubisoft’s long-delayed pirate game, Skull & Bones, has been rated by a number of boards across the world, including game rating authorities in Brazil and South Korea. Now, the ESRB has also rated Ubisoft’s upcoming game, indicating that a re-reveal and launch is just around the corner. 
We got a good look at what to expect from Skull & Bones a few months ago, when an internal gameplay trailer leaked onto the web. That trailer was created for internal use, but it gave a pretty detailed breakdown of the gameplay loop. Unfortunately, Ubisoft ultimately decided to not take part in Summer Game Fest or host its own Ubisoft Forward event this month, which has left us wondering when we might see the game officially.
With the game now having ratings in several major markets, it appears that we are finally going to get some official news soon. According to Tom Henderson (via TryHardGuides), Ubisoft is planning to re-reveal Skull & Bones officially in early July. When Ubisoft does re-reveal the game, it should have a late 2022 or early 2023 release date, plenty of gameplay and perhaps an open beta to test the multiplayer features before launch.
This game was delayed for so long I thought it would never release. 

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