2022/06/25 00:58:31
Cyberpunk 2077 has been relatively easy to mod. This game requires very powerful  hardware, so a technology like FSR 2.0 would be very useful, even to owners of NVIDIA GPUs that do not support DLSS. It seems that Modder PotatoOfDoom1337 has found a way to replace NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 files with FSR 2.0. It should be noted that this game already supports FSR 1.0, and it is likely just a matter of time before it gets official FSR 2.0 support (although not confirmed by AMD or game developer). This simple mod, which requires file replacement and Windows registry modification is said to deliver double the framerate for GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card at 4K resolution. The game is now playable at 45 FPS, claims the modder.
Of course, we should add that such mods always come with some small risk involved and should only be performed by people who know what they are doing. Furthermore, this mod is still a proof of concept, so bugs are to be expected. However, should this type of mod work for other games, this means that gamers could theoretically replace DLSS 2.0 with FSR 2.0 in many more games at ease.
It's an interesting mod which should help non RTX NVIDIA cards. 

2022/06/25 01:12:08
Hopefully this gets the attention and interest of the developer for full support since the 1080 is still a good card for most games. While I wouldn’t play at 4K on it I would think that 1440p would be great with this mod.

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