• initial fitment and discovery of another x58...work in progress
2022/04/28 12:35:15
with my p6x58d/x5690 build up and running and doing its thing and my e760 classified mb disassembled and out for sale, i have another x58 mb and a surplus of gpus and now a bunch of 1366s doing nothing.
this is the first test run to see the main components running while we wait for the rest of the goodies to arrive. there is still a few things i need to figure out and buy including a case/mount that can handle a 480mm radiator, maybe a wall mount or some kind of shelf or rack...
rampage ii extreme, w3690, 12gb (4x3) dominator ram with led light show, 240gb ssd, asus m.2 hyper drive with wd black 850 1tb and and (temp) asus 980 ti running windows 7 ultimate.
all under the auspicious eye of Mitth'raw'nuruodo; grand admiral thrawn as he is commonly known as. 

2022/05/03 15:53:01
as operation code name hope slowly grinds on, the mail has delivered some sunshine. unfortunately the 480mm radiator may have gone missing in transit, the mb block to go with the cpu block is here. i definitely want to water cool the w3690 but im not truly sold on the mb block. the stock cooling using the noctua air cooler with 2x92mm and a 40mmx10 on the northbridge has the cpu temp at 60C and NB at 39C running 1.35V at 4.2 and the ram at 2000+. and the stock setup looks real good, i especially like the pulsating rog logo.
now i wait on the rad to arrive, possibly there is merely a delay clearing the customs, and look into pump rez and a case or wall mount. plus i will need some cooling for the the vrm. onwards!

2022/05/04 08:51:47
well i got me a case for the build, if you can call this dirty D a case. while it doesnt have vesa mounting points at the back, the io and pcie facing up is exactly what i want. a quick measurement at the bottom and it appears the 480mm radiator could fit, and that rad which ive been waiting on has now cleared customs and should be here any day.

2022/05/04 08:53:55
This is going to be an interesting build when completed. I'll be following the progress. 
2022/05/05 09:36:40
i got the dirty d all disassembled, cleaned and put back together. other than a hole bunch of paint chips its in great shape. it missing i think 2 of the 4 120mm fan brackets, the hdd caddies and the leather tool pouch with tools, somewhat disappointing, i did ask the guy about the tools when i picked it up.
the sun was out and i thought some pics of lost lenore and of what may have been for the e760/780ti kp combo. maybe a supernova 1300 p+ in the empty spot.... anyways due to the chipping and the red the paint is coming off, so pics now.




2022/05/13 12:28:23
the 480mm rad has arrived intact and it does fit at the bottom of the frame, and i can access the sata at the bottom but that means only blower length cards will fit. i did lay the rad in place prior to disassembling the frame and its fits. right now its centred and perfectly aligns to four screw holes on the two fan brackets (im going to add a third bracket). it may line up there with the frame back on, but the battery bracket could collide and it may have to slide over to the right, so the type of fittings at the end will be critical. 
the five frame pieces are out being sand blasted and powder coated, and when they return i can decide if i will use this rad at the bottom. if so that means none of my 980ti will fit, so i will have to get something that can fit and be useful, i dont plan on watercooling the gpus(s) but i dont know much until the rad is in place. and i dont have a solution for water cooling the mb mosfets yet. or a pump/reservoir.

2022/05/14 08:22:22
since i am definitely going to put a 40mm rad at the bottom of the case, 360 or 420 if the 480 doesnt fit, i went ahead and got a blower card. while it is not a 980ti this card is definitely useful. it was just listed locally yesterday afternoon, i was the second reply but number one didnt show and by 12 bells it was in my hands and running green. cards in great shape and the serial sticker is still intact.
the only "issue" is that ive been wanting the galactic empire version of this card, so i (may) be on the lookout for one. and i better get a big enough psu. and if add a second blower i would dump the huge rog dual m2 and go with a more discreet single m2.


2022/05/14 09:36:00
Cool GTX
Interesting build
2022/05/20 10:05:10
"i have bought(sic) balance to the force." darth vader
i was able to acquire the empire card, it looks very menacing and the red light is most empire/sith like. still waiting on the frames powder coating to be completed, expecting it today. then i can figure out the movement of the water, and i will probably initially install the cpu cooler until i find a solution for the rest of the mb.

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