• Custom Loop Updated w New HW - 12900k Dominator DDR5 - 3080Ti FTW3
2022/01/21 00:47:18
My Custom Loop had an overhaul, including;
- 12900k w EK Velocity 2
- Dominator DDR5 5600 C36 (Samsung) Overclocked 6000 C36
- Z690 Apex
- 3080Ti FTW3 w EK Vector (recycled)
- PSU Corsair AX 1600i (great deal on it a few years ago while playing with 1080Ti SLi and Tri SLi.
- Samsung 980 Pro 500G NVMe (boot) + 980 Pro 1TB NVMe (Games) + 256G 860 Pro SSD (Utilities) + 4TB WD Red (Media)
Loop Parts n order:
XSPC Photon (glass) Rez / D5 Vario pump combo - CPU EK Velocity 2 - XSPC RX 480 Rad - Evga 3080Ti FTW3 w Vector - XSPC EX 360 Rad - XSPC 240 Rad - back to pump.
- All Bits Power Fittings
- Flex Tube Primochill LRT
- Coolant (1.2 Liters) EK Cryofuel Concentrate / Distilled water
Positive Pressure:
- All Rads set as intakes w Noctua NF F12 fans (*9). (NO BLING)
- 3 Additional 120mm Silverstrone Penetrator Fans as intakes at the front of the case.
- 1 Rear Noctua 140mm top back exhaust.
All fans run off of an old 200w 4 Channel manual fan controller (all fans are grouped into the 4 channels), generally I "set n forget". the Noctua fans arent pretty, no bling, but they provide outstanding performance with radiators as they are high static pressure. Always best to pair up high static pressure fans with low FPI Rads (Fins Per Inch), provides for great efficient cooling.
My coolant temp (although I dont actually use a Coolant Temp probe, yep been forgetting to install that since I purchased it in 2015) sits right around ambient, perhaps 1c-2c max above ambient.
GPU Idles at ambient, when 100% loaded Max 46c-47c (gaming benching), as soon as I shut down a Program everything is idling (CPU n GPU) at Ambient within a few minutes
Pump is a manual controllable speed D5 Vario, which I really like for purging the air, as I can manually change speed from high to low and back to high (cycling speed I find really helps with purging air).
Once I'm set up pump speed and set n forget at 3100 - 3200 RPM.
Case: Corsair 900D (getting pretty old as no USB Type C front panel header and the APEX Board has no AC97 Audio header ...for headphones plugged in to the case).
Monitor: Dell Alienware Ultra Wide 3440*1440p 120Hz
OS: Windows 11 21H1 (No issues at all since install)
Most parts came pretty quick from time of ordering, but yep, I was one of those folks waiting about 5 wks to get some DDR5. Got lucky with both Newegg.ca and Corsair, wound up with 2 kits, GSkill 32G 6000 C36 and Dominator 5600 C36.
Gave the Dominators a run initially and within minutes no issues with 6000 c36 with fairly low VDD/Q and temps, so sent the GSkills back (think I have room to tighten up to 34-34-76), lots to play with.
12900K Overclocking. I have been lazy and only using IXTU so far (except all Memory OC'ing in BIOS).
So far All Core 5.2P / 4.1E seems to be a pretty sweet spot for voltages n temps. I have tried All core 5.3P / 4.1E with a bump in voltage and a rise in temps by about 5c, so lots of room to play some more with 5.3 Ghz.
5.2P / 4.1E is what I have been playing with extensively over the past week.
Evga 3080Ti FTW3 OC +180 / +1175 Benching / Testing & +120 / +700 Gaming n everything else. (Idles ambient and heavy loads to 46c-47c).
Main goal with this system is performance....OC'ability and thermals......could care less about all the RGB bling..personally not a fan of Unicorns sh%$^&*ing candy floss under a rainbow ;)
Always set up on my bench and install hw / OS / Programs, fully test, then disassemble, install Blocks and incorporate into my loop.
btw the AX1200i is strictly a spare psu I use for bench testing, as is the 240 aio......
Thanks for checking it out....any questions dont hesitate to ask.



























2022/01/21 16:38:11
2022/01/21 16:58:49
Nice Time Spy score! 
2022/01/21 17:04:11
Best this new System has done running TS 21,913
Really been pushing to crack 15K PR but just cant seem to get there.
Overall pretty happy with the chip and Z690 overall.... W11 not the nightmare I was expecting either.
2022/01/21 21:48:27
Looks like you put a lot of work into it. Good job.    
2022/01/22 11:02:33
Looks like you put a lot of work into it. Good job.    

Wasnt too bad as I had just completed a full service of the loop back in Aug when I swapped out GPU's.....fortunately able to swap out mobo without too much hassle....thanks.
2022/01/22 11:41:47
Great looking build. I like the blue. How do you like the EK Velocity block? I have one yet to install. When mine came the box sounded like the block was in pieces. It wasn't. +1! 
2022/01/22 17:12:21
Great looking build. I like the blue. How do you like the EK Velocity block? I have one yet to install. When mine came the box sounded like the block was in pieces. It wasn't. +1! 

Velocity 2 is very big n heavy vs original Velocity, but designed for LGA 1700....installs from backplate side, quite easy, dont over-tighten.
Temps seems pretty good as you can see in images above..OC 12900K All Core P Cores 5.2 / E Cores 4.1 Memory OC 6000 c36 temps of CPU running R23 71c - 80c (decent)...gaming cpu maxes out around 57c...only 2 mm clearance between edge of block and RAM stick....as said its a monster Block....are you talking Velocity or Velocity 2 ?
2022/01/22 23:29:39
Pushed things a little ..... 12900K All Core 5.3P / 4.2E..
3080Ti +195 / +1200...




2022/01/23 23:48:46
Lots of good work went into this build!

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