2022/01/18 06:36:21
And now, even MORE down the drain....
MS isn't going to help the situation. Blizzard breaking free would help things....
2022/01/18 07:00:24
Oh sheesh.  Not sure how this is going to turn out. 
Hope they disappear wow's monthly subs to start on a good note. (Not happening as game dies slowly. lol)
2022/01/18 07:35:47
Despite the acquisition Microsoft will still only be the 3rd largest gaming company by revenue
2022/01/18 07:35:54
That's alot to pay for a studio who has failed repeatedly past numerous years....
This must mostly be to add their entire back catalog of good games into the MS GamePass subscription service....
2022/01/18 07:39:09
WoW on Xbox One/X|S confirmed?
2022/01/18 08:05:28
Activision needs loads of help, but I don't see this as a turning point. 
2022/01/18 12:34:31
Microsoft has some major cash lying around.

Must be all the nanobots in the vaccine turning everyone into mindless robots.

This could turn out well. There is always an emphasis on COULD.
2022/01/18 15:05:59
Would be nice without the monthly sub. I might try it again
2022/01/18 23:57:35
This could turn out well. There is always an emphasis on COULD.

Given all the scandals surrounding Activiosion-Blizzard these days, can't possibly be any worse now, can it? 

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