2022/01/16 02:59:34
Making the announcement on Twitter, Techland said “Want to know what will happen AFTER the premiere? We guarantee to expand the world of Dying Light 2 Stay Human for at least 5 years post-launch with new stories, locations, in-game events and all the fun stuff you love!”
Offering 5 years of support, especially for a single player game is an impressive commitment, although not an unfamiliar one for Techland. The first Dying Light originally released back in 2016 and itself has seen a great deal of post-launch support, most recently of which saw the team announce that the 6-year-old game will be receiving a free PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S upgrade patch (though no new information has been release since regarding its current status).
Much of Dying Light’s support came as a welcome surprise to fans of the first game. However, with Techland doubling down on its support for Dying Light 2, it is exciting to see what the team has planned for the future – especially after the game took so long to develop.
I agree that is a strong commitment to the game. 
2022/01/17 08:18:01
Let's hope it is actually a little better though than the support from #1...which was mostly outfits or Speedrun trials. It only got 1 new DLC map world ( which was pretty good )... But I'd like to see a bit more substance released over time for this new sequel.
2022/01/21 13:39:30
I started playing DL1 on a PS4 back in 2016 and transitioned to playing it exclusively on PC less than a year later.
My experience is that Techland has always provided great post-release support to include providing free DLC content drops for players, up to the present. The Following DLC was practically a whole new game, with new items and locations, and was provided for low cost. There's a bundle for both, (DL Enhanced Edition), which has been priced close to just the game alone on Steam, for the last several years.
Compare that to Ubisoft releasing Far Cry New Dawn after 5, when by all rights it should have been offered as a DLC to Far Cry 5. (And I'm a fan of New Dawn). It's hard to think of another game company that has provided similar post-release support for their games. I'm sure that DL2 will feature the same support from Techland because most DL1 fans will expect it.
I know they struggled to get DL2 out, with lots of delays and including controversies during development, but I hope that they're able to produce a better game than DL1, with DL2. We'll see. We only have two exact weeks to wait to find out!

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