• The retro gaming build with no end in sight.
2022/01/12 07:38:04
OK, filed my federal taxes and I'm getting a good chunk of change. Wile I have not gotten it yet I all ready set aside some to pay off lone to buy a washer/dryer and was still left with a few 100$.
So I bought a Abit BX133-raid motherboard and a old antec case, I know I over payed but what the heck, I been missing having a win9x gaming PC for years now.
Here is the sellers photos of the BX133-raid. Its over seas and the deliver ETA is mid March.

Sellers photos of the case.

The thing is with this build, I don't think this it will ever be done. I'll be making changes, modding things here and there witch is why I thought I post it here.
A interesting part of the build is that I might just be mad enough to water cool it. I have a old socket 462 block, and a GPU/chipset block to match. Both will need some TLC as they been setting for years.
Part 1: Retorting the water cooling parts.
The blocks have been setting for years, they were used with nothing but distilled back in the day so they need a good cleaning.
To clean the blocks I used a mix of constrained lime juice and lime away along with some 800grit sand paper. 
I let the blocks set in the lime juice and lime away for about 10 minutes, sanded them up real good, after that I let them soak for a few hours and saddened them again.


Now I know what you're thinking, that CPU block is for 462/754, and yes that is true. I'll have to do some mods to the block in order to make it work if I want to use it. I'll likely make a custom top/mounts for it. I have some ideas in mind. I'm thinking of soldering a cooper top with fitting to the block then make a custom mounting clip.
Also look at the jet plate lol, its like a second block, boy times have changed.
Here are some plans I have for the build.
Retro bright the case, this gets rid of the ageing yellow plastic look. 
Add a side window to the case ? Not sure if I want to do that or not, but I might.
2 Hdd's in raid 0.
Voodoo1 or 2 sli. Voodoo2 in sli would be faster but a voodoo1 would be able to play very early glide games like MW2 and blood.
I'll be using a SB live sound card and at some point a AWE 32 or 64.
I'll use NOS BFG 500w PSU, its a early BFG unit, not but best PSU. It had 50+ amps on the 5v and has -5v. both are needed for older PCs. I'll need to get a better one later one.
I'm not sure what GPU I'll be using, the voodoo 1/2 are just a 3d card, I'll need a 2d card. maybe a GF3 or 4.
OS will be 98se with 98lite.
2022/01/12 11:32:55
Part 2: The right water block.
After looking around on eBay I found a old FX z3 block, wile a maze block and by no means as good at the Alphacool NexXxos XP block, the z3 will save me a lot of work fro mhaving to make a top and mounts for the nexXxos block. 
A very old water block, looks to be a FX z3 witch was one of the best blocks form the very early 00's. I was going to mod a l Alphacool NexXxos XP block to fit sk370 but now that I have the FX z3 block I think I'll use it.
A review for the FX z3 block can be found at the link below. 
Sellers photos of the block.

As you can see the block needs work. the block still has the stock aluminum fittings and this is not 2003, we know better these days, I'll need to swap them out for brass. It looks like a lap job will be needed to and since the block’s top is screwed and glued I'm sure I'll need to replace it for a leak free seal. I'm thinking I'll solder the top of the block in place.
2022/01/12 18:50:56
You have an interesting build going there, and could be worth a fortune to the right buyer. 
2022/01/12 19:47:35
Part 3: ebay sellers can be trolls and scammers.
The antec case I bought, yeah the seller was a troll. He sent me a message stating he was going to toss a few drives in for free, then backed out of the sale all together. He later messaged me stating he needed to realist the case but I’m not falling for that one. After doing some more looking I found a better antec case witch has a NF2 system in it.

Now if the motherboard in the case wasn’t so suckish and had busted caps I’d probably use the NF2 system, but those blue pcb gigabyte boards from back then sucked.

Sellers photos of the case.

You have an interesting build going there, and could be worth a fortune to the right buyer. 

You sure are right there. I had a very similar system back in the mid 00s. Granted it had the slot 1 version of the bx133-raid, (be6-II-raid) a Pin modded 1.4ghz Piii-s at 1.5ghz and if I recall a 6800gt. I loved that system and if it was not for the motherboard dying taking the CPU and slocket adapter with it I'd still have the system. The NF2 is a nice platform and I thought about fixing up the motherboard in the case I bought, but I know a NF2 system is not worth having as just about anything it can do a modern system can too. The lack of support for PCI sound card in dos and a ISA slot make a NF2 system a no go for me as I want to play dos games on the system.
2022/01/14 06:26:06
Part 4: lost parts and a even better block.
Sadly the block in Part 2 was lost by the seller. I revived a message stating he could not find it and he had to back out of the sale. However this was a blessing in the sky as I a retro PC parts collector I know had a second gen Alphacool NexXxos block with SK370 mounts, I'm hoping I can use its mounts on my 3rd gen Alphacool NexXxos block, but if not I can always use the second gen block.
Sellers photo of the block.

Since both the block and motherboard from coming from eastern Europe it will take a month or two to get them. So for the next part I'll be fixing up the case witch is to be deliver latter this mouth.
2022/01/19 10:13:20
Part 5: Picking the right add in cards.

When it comes to retro gaming PCs from the 90s and to a lesser extent the early 00s picking the right add in cards is very important. Most motherboards lack most onboard components unlike today where just about everything is integrated into the motherboard and all most users need is a gpu. To make matters worse most older games don’t always use DX or openGL but rather custom APIs made for just one brand of hardware. Even worse games that do use DX/openGL sometimes use rendering techniques newer cards lack. And that’s just GPUs. Sound cards can be just as problematic, when it comes yo dos games the game has to be hard coded for your sound card, if you want to use EXA you need a SBlive or newer sound blaster, if you want to use A3d you need an aureal card. If all that isn’t bad enough you have driver compatibility problems in windows 98. In win98 there are a few different types of drivers you can use, mix and match them can lead to stability problems.

So yeah picking the right hardware can be tricky if you want everything to work right.

For sound I have a sound blaster live, being a PCI card its not the best pick for dos games end with card being able to emulate isa sound blaster cards in dos. However I want the live for EAX for games like HalfLife. The live has both types of drives so ill have to pick the right one, if I recall the vdx driver are the ones you want to stay clear from.
For dos games ill need to pick up a ISA card, Ill ether get a sound blaster AWE32 or AWE64 gold.

For a gpu ill pick up a fx 5950/5900 ultra or ti4600/4800 along with a voodoo1 or 2 for early 3d games. The GF4/5 still have a lot of support for older rendering techniques making it a grate pick for retro gaming at higher res and fps. The voodoo is grate for early 3d games lie blood, mechwarrior2 and resident evil.

Network card is TBD. I’ll like to get a network card so that I can transfer file to and from it.

Ill use the bx133-raid motherboard’s onboard high point ide card for the hard drives and the chipsets slower ide ports for the cd drives.

Other addon cards.
Ill need to get a usb2.0 card. Ill see if I can use the one in the athalon pc I bought in part 3.
2022/01/21 06:52:34
Part 6: Bait and switch and shipping issues.
So I got the 650w BFG PSU last night, well sort of lol. The PSU I got was a 300w hipro piece of junk in a 650w BFG box. I had to return it sadly. I'll try to find a old PCP&C turbo cool from back in the day, the 510w pro was a grate PSU with adjustable voltages and so on. I can use the 300w antec PSU that's installed in the case from part 3, it has a -5v rail and wile the +5v rail is kinda week it will work for setting up the PC.
Now here is the funny part. The UPS driver that was to deliver the case yesterday did not deliver it, instead they listed as being delivered to the summit county board of elections office and sign for by a older mayor of Akron Ohio. Yha that kinda odd lol. A quick call to UPS and I have to case being delivered today!
2022/01/21 08:01:21
they listed as being delivered to the summit county board of elections office and sign for by a older mayor of Akron Ohio. 

hahaha ..  ... That takes the case ( literally ) for the best story of a bungled up delivery ever ... 👍🤣😂
2022/01/21 08:15:06
they listed is as being delivered to the summit county board of elections office and sign for by a older mayor of Akron Ohio. 

hahaha ..  ... That takes the case ( literally ) for the best story of a bungled up delivery ever ... 👍🤣😂

I know, I was like, oh boy here we go again anther item bought online I will never see.  But after looking at the tracking a little closer I was like what the heck, I know the name of who sign for the package, it's the old mayor of Akron that got caught getting a little to emotional with a city employee. Then I was like the flippy flap, why is it at the county board of elections office? Well the UPS rep was stumped too and after they made a few calls they found the package. Here's hoping I still get the case lol.
2022/01/22 20:42:21
Part 7: Received the case, but there may be another.

I received the case yesterday, its rather nice. I can temporarily use the psu, gpu and air cooled heatsink that was in it. The system must of been a dvr or something, it had a 500gb hhd, a tv tuner and a ati 9200 with a rca output.
I don’t have any photos of the case as in away from home for the weekend, but when I’m back ill post photos of it

I did get to talking to the seller of the case and he may have a better case he’d be willing to part with that I been looking for.

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