2022/01/11 23:43:22
As an assistant manager at a computer business, year after year I had upgrade envy. I stretched out my previous i7-920 build for 11 years. Chipset after chipset later, I decided on Alder Lake (LGA 1700) and I tend to go BIG so it lasts me several years. As of November 11, 2021, I began purchasing parts. At first, I had purchased the NZXT Z63 closed loop water cooling unit. The LGA 1700 bracket kit took too long to arrive so I returned the unit and when the kit arrived, sold it too. After doing more research, I was familiar with Arctic and decided on the Liquid Freezer II A-RGB unit. Their support was excellent and two weeks later received its bracket kit. The PCB cover (Rev. 1) that the cooler uses isn't designed for LGA 1700 but removing two screws - the under-cover was removed without affecting operation.
Working at a computer store has its perks - access to video cards no one else has regular access to. One of my suppliers mentioned that they got a few cards in. One or two business days later, I had my EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti FTW3 ULTRA GAMING in hand.
The case is one of my favorites: Corsair iCUE 5000X RGB SIGNATURE SERIES Mid-Tower Smart Case - Neon Night. I had it cross-shipped to Canada.
Note - Some photos have reflections of surrounding items. I just built the computer at the shop I work at and set up the computer in my room late Tuesday night. One benchmark has been completed.











Vertically mounted Arctic Liquid Freezer II beside motherboard.
2022/01/12 00:05:07
I copied one picture here from the mod and it looks great!

2022/01/12 00:18:36
Thanks, rjohnson11. Since then, I uploaded photos to a free image posting service and embedded them in the OP.
2022/01/12 00:25:34
Thanks, rjohnson11. Since then, I uploaded photos to a free image posting service and embedded them in the OP.

I wanted to give you a +1 on your mods rigs but that seems to be broken so I notified the webmaster. 
2022/01/12 05:05:06
Very nice looking..... 👍👍
2022/01/12 06:33:58
Well done!  +1 for you
2022/01/12 07:43:44
2022/01/12 07:50:06
wow! that is a piece of art! enjoy the build!
2022/01/12 09:37:18
Thank you.

On my Mods Rigs, the benchmark for 3DMark says the RAM is 4800 MHz. Currently, XMP is bugged for DDR5 and Intel is working on a fix. When enabled, it BSOD's. Others on Reddit have the same issue. That's why it's not running at its rated speed.
2022/01/12 18:53:18
Gone Cruising
Beautiful! May I ask where you had the graphics done on the glass and case panels?

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