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  • Windows 11 a Flop, Survey Claims Less Than 1% Upgraded, Microsoft Improves Start Menu
2021/12/03 00:08:19
Microsoft Windows 11, now nearing its third month since release, is for all intents and purposes, a flop. Market research by Lansweeper, which surveyed over 10 million PCs across the commercial and personal market segments, reports that less than 0.21% of the users it surveyed, had upgraded from Windows 10 to the newer operating system. The upgrade is free of charge. There may be several factors contributing to this lukewarm market response, but one of them is certain to he the steep hardware requirements. Windows 11 requires a trusted platform module (TPM 2.0), which disqualifies PCs older than 2018 for upgrades, unless the user is willing to try out workarounds to the limitation. Another factor could be the clunky user interface (UI), a less functional Start menu than Windows 10, and several UI-related bugs.

According to Lansweeper's data, there could be more people running outdated Windows XP, Vista, Windows 8, etc., than Windows 11, and this poses a great security risk, as these operating systems are no longer supported by Microsoft for regular security updates. Windows 10, on the other hand, is eligible for them until mid-2025—plenty of time for people to upgrade hardware to meet Windows 11 system requirements, or to simply make up their mind on switching over to the new operating system. In related news, Microsoft could give the Windows 11 Start menu a functional update. Test build 22509 introduces the ability to add more pins to the menu, or make room for more recommendations. The UI could see many such minor updates.
Personally I think many people are using older PCs which may not meet the Windows 11 TPM requirements. 
2021/12/03 00:47:08
Well, that's an interesting take by techpowerup.  Also in the news:
2021/12/03 02:49:32
Well, that's an interesting take by techpowerup.  Also in the news:

What we are seeing is a drop in 20 series graphics cards and also 10 series while 30 series is seeing an uptick. It could be that people having a hard time finding a GPU are buying a whole new system that includes a 30 series graphics card.
2021/12/03 03:56:41
Flint 1760
Business implementation is at 6-9%, but they are usually slow with upgrades.  However, they are starting.  (Source:  Business.com)
2021/12/03 05:52:07
i am perfectly pleased with 11 so far.  pretty much the best OS launch I have ever done.  
2021/12/03 06:01:30
11 is ok , but to make people want to upgrade -  it should have something better to it , so people want it... which it does not .  There is nothing I have seen so far that makes this a must-have upgrade is the problem....
  I'm even debating wiping and going back to 10 .  11 doesn't have any glaring problems , just a few niggling little glitches here & there... but again , there is nothing making me stay with it. No great feature or stability that is needed either...  
2021/12/03 06:21:10
I agree with Steve_b...
Windows 11 is OK at best vs 10.  As a matter of fact...I find that 11 causes some issues...especially with my Epson Perfection XP-960.  Seems that when the printer is on...Windows doesn't detect it.  So when I plan on using my printer....I have to power down...turn the printer on...then power back up.  If I forget to do that...I have to run Epson connection checker.  Seems that there are issues with Win 11 and the print spooler.  Other than the new start menu...I don't find 11 to be any great advantage over 10.
2021/12/03 07:56:11
I also agree with Steve_b.  There isn't anything I find "exciting" about Win11 to make me want/need to keep using it over Win10.  And even though I've gotten used to the new Start Menu, I much prefer all the customization the Win10 Start menu offered.  I've also been considering wiping the drive and reinstalling Win10.
2021/12/03 08:02:51
I just finished upgrading all my machines to Windows 11 last weekend. Haven't had an issue with any on them with things not working. While it's not anything Earth shatteringly amazing to upgrade to Windows 11, there's also no reason not to if you have hardware that supports it.  
2021/12/03 08:13:42
Cool GTX
The forced obsolescence of perfectly good CPUs & the scalping of TPM 2.0 modules is not helping
Why be a BETA tester ?  W10 has finally matured & the printer issue fixed - yet again.
Besides MS always feels compelled to move or hide the tools you like to use, every time "they release a new & improved OS or version of Office"

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